August 15, 2020

Lanner Introduces Wide Temperature Box PC For ICS Cyber Securitt

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) play a crucial role for a image005 (13)nation’s critical infrastructures. Since ICS facilities are usually deployed in remote, unmanned and harsh environments, Lanner introduces its new Box PC model – LEC-6030, with capability to operate under wide temperature ranges and rich connectivity to communicate with PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface).

To ensure reliability in critical infrastructures, LEC-6030 supports extended operating temperature with a maximum range of -40 ºC to 70 ºC. This provides the wide operability under harsh ambient environments at ICS deployed sites. In addition, electrical surges may occur in critical infrastructures and this might devastate implemented systems. To prevent devastations from happening, LEC-6030 comes with isolated COM ports with protection at 15KV ESD and magnetic protection for Ethernet ports. The wide operating temperature capability and the I/O protection ensure LEC-6030’s operability in ICS cyber security. To makeLEC-6030 more deployable, the Box PC comes in fanless and compact form factor and DIN Rail or wall-mounting installation options.

LEC-6030 is driven by Intel Atom E3815 1.46GHz Soc (System-on-Chip) CPU for low power consumption and moderate performance. By taking ownership costs into considerations, the Intel Atom driven LEC-6030 will optimize power usages during ICS operations.

Regarding network connectivity, LEC-6030 delivers various LAN port configurations including GbE LAN, SFP fiber ports, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) ports, and LAN bypass, depending on the specific model sets. For serial connectivity, LEC-6030 offers up to four serial ports with RS-232/422/485 signals.


Wide Temperature ICS Cyber Security Box PC with Intel® Atom™ E3845 Processor

  • Fanless and compact design

  •  Intel® Atom™ E3845 1.91GHz SoC CPU

  • Wide temperature -40~70°C

  •  5 or 6 x GbE LAN ports

  • 6030B with one pair LAN bypass

  • 6030C with 2 x GbE SFP fiber, 6030E with 4 x GbE PoE

  • DIN rail or wall mount