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KuCoin announces zero-fee for BTC and ETH trading pairs 

KuCoin, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange successfully completed 5 years in the industry as the ‘People’s exchange’, this year. Since its inception, the company has consistently witnessed fast paced growth. Currently, KuCoin serves 20 million crypto users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Along with the rapid growth in number of users, the cumulative trading volume of the KuCoin platform has exceeded $2 trillion, with the highest single-day trading volume exceeding $30 billion, providing users with industry-leading liquidity. 

To celebrate KuCoin’s 5th anniversary and reward all of our valued users, KuCoin is launching its “0 Fees for Trading BTC & ETH ” time-limited event! Crypto users can take advantage of trading with zero fees. The campaign is including 9 spot trading pairs and will be from 12.10.2022 to 19.10.2022. 

For more details; 

Scope: (9 spot trading pairs) 



During this event, all users will enjoy 0 maker and taker fees for the trading pairs listed above. 


1. During this event, fee discounts, affiliate rebates, or other special offers will not be applicable. 

2. During this event, trading volume from the above trading pairs will not be counted in Rewards Hub data. 

3. Trading bot users who have obtained 100% Fee Rebate Vouchers can create grid bot strategies with 0 fees. Click to claim a total of 1,000,000 USDT worth of Fee Rebate Vouchers. Each user can claim one voucher per day. First come, first served! 

4. KuCoin will strictly review relative transactions and disqualify trading volume generated in relation to malicious artificial increasing of trading volume, registering large quantities of accounts by the same people or entities, selling and buying by the same people or entities with the intent of artificially increasing trading volume, or multiple people or entities working together to artificially increase trading volume through coordinated trading of each other’s assets. 

5. All trading volume and metrics pertaining to this event shall be determined at the sole discretion of KuCoin. 

6. KuCoin reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event.

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