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Koffee Media And Exset In Digital Monetization Partnership

koffeeNetherland-based Exset B.V. and Koffee Media launched a new drive and initiative which will help LCOs and MSOs to better monetize their digital platform.

Exset has worked with operators from emerging markets and understands the need to better monetize the digital switch over. With Digital Monetization System (DMS) from Exset and Koffee Media’s experience in media, service operators can now offer their viewers new services that are available with DMS on a digital network. These services may include Public services such as Vaccination, Public School openings, adult education, magazine and many more. DMS is extremely flexible and Koffee Media have the right skill sets and experience to manage and provide for such services

DMS is now becoming the simplest and most effective way in bringing in new revenue to a one way broadcast network and is already ready for return path networks where operators are requiring it. As well as this Exset brings its own security which today is servicing over 12 million devices around the world protecting international HD content

As per the agreement, Exset B.V. will be responsible for providing DMS CAS and Middleware to Koffee Media for its Digital Cable Platform. This association is set to help drive governance, television commerce, advertising and magazines services in a predominantly one–way environment to its entire end–consumers lighting up their TV space

Mr. Alex Borland, Managing Director and CEO of Exset BV said, “We are proud to be associated with Koffee Media as their content protection and monetization partner. Exset is committed to the success of this platform and will offer the highest level of security and service.

DMS bridges the gap between technology and Value-Added Services for digital TV deployments and allows digital television platforms to be created, which can then be monetised in a new dynamic way, which benefits the end users from new information and entertainment services. It enables the cable operators to meet the challenges of digitization, and also result in positive impact on their revenue stream.

Mr. Suresh Nukala, Director & CEO, Koffee Media Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are delighted to have Exset as a partner to secure our content and roll-out our Middleware/VAS strategy. This association will help us to explore new VAS streams – Advertising, On-Demand, Interactive, and Information Services to name a few. We are certain that with the highest level of security and the middleware value proposition presented; will help us to drive ARPU’s to new levels.

Mr. Pradeep Acharya, Regional Director –South Asia of Exset BV said, “Exset’s value proposition is unparalleled in terms of offering the next generation of security and also paves the way for driving greater ARPU’s, unlocking new revenue stream, and consequently driving the platform to greater expanses and profitability.

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