Burg Watch Phones Added To Infibeam’s Mobile Store

infibeam_logo (1)Did you know you could call and see the time from the wrist watch that you wear? Yes, you read it right. Infibeam the top online shopping portal just added a new brand Burg to the Mobile Store. Burg has launched Watch Phones for the Indian crowd. Burg is a Netherland based watch making company that recently launched this eye catching watch phone. On Infibeam you will find Burg 11, 12 and 13 models in beautiful colors.

IT Voice Burg logo

These Watch phones are designed for multiple use. You can make and receive calls with it. Isn’t this amazing. A watch that can allow you to make calls, receive them, not only that it also captures pictures for you with its camera that comes with 3x zoom. You can also listen to music through the MP3 Player. This watch is amazing. You just tie it to your wrist and never miss a call no matter where you are.
Like a mobile phone you can record videos and audios. It is compatible with Bluetooth also. It has an image viewer, file manager, organizer, task list, alarm clock, calculator. And to your surprise you can also send SMS and MMS. It will save up to 500 phone contacts which you can use to make calls. The touchpad of the wrist watch is scratch resistant. It comes with Multiple languages and motion sensor.
burg_11This is not an expensive device. On Infibeam.com you will get ranging INR17,781 – 18,751 only. This is a perfect device that does not require a special bag, you don’t need to hold it in your hands, but still you can make calls, listen to music, capture images, watch videos, send SMS and MMS. It also comes with internal storage capacity of 4GB so you can store a lot on this Watch Phone from Burg. To know more details about the models and variety
available in this you can visit this page http://www.infibeam.com/Mobiles/search?make=BURG and place your
order now.

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