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Kerala Cabinet Approves Policy for Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics, and Extended Reality

The Kerala state cabinet government has given its approval to an AVGC-XR (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics, Extended Reality) policy.

The policy outlines ambitious goals aimed at fostering the growth of the AVGC-XR sector within the state. These objectives include the creation and expansion of 250 AVGC-XR companies, the generation of 50,000 jobs in the sector by 2029, the production of 10,000 qualified professionals in the industry, and ensuring that at least 15% of AVGC content created in the country originates from Kerala.

To achieve these targets, the policy has laid out a comprehensive roadmap, encompassing its goals, vision, and objectives. Key initiatives include the development of state-of-the-art AVGC-XR Parks and Labs, the establishment of a Centre of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to talent development and innovation, leveraging the Kerala Fiber Optic Network (KFON) to provide high-speed internet access, and implementing training programs at schools and colleges to nurture talent from an early age.


In addition to focusing on digital infrastructure and talent development, the policy also offers a range of incentives and benefits to encourage AVGC content creation within the state. These include both monetary and non-monetary rewards for creators and studios, as well as capital support for startups entering the AVGC sector.

The policy aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of the AVGC-XR sector in Kerala and to lay the groundwork for its future development. By implementing strategic initiatives and offering incentives to stakeholders, the state government hopes to position Kerala as a hub for AVGC-XR innovation and production.

In summary, the AVGC-XR policy approved by the Kerala cabinet government outlines ambitious goals and initiatives aimed at fostering the growth of the AVGC-XR sector within the state. By focusing on infrastructure development, talent cultivation, and providing incentives for creators and startups, Kerala aims to establish itself as a leading destination for AVGC-XR content creation and innovation.

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