Kaspersky Lab’s High-Quality Protection Proves Unstoppable in Independent Tests

Kaspersky Lab has again retained the top spot in its TOP3 cyber security metric, based on independent tests. Kaspersky Lab products outperformed those of all other security vendors in a broad spectrum of independent tests in 2017 – coming first place 72 times out of 86 tests and reviews, and finishing in the top three 91% of the time.

According to the TOP3 metric, Kaspersky Lab is still the most tested and most awarded security vendor on the market. These results have cemented the company’s position as industry leader, because of its ability to defend users with the best security solutions and provide high-quality protection against known, unknown, and advanced threats.
Based on results from independent assessments, from world-renowned testing labs, Kaspersky Lab’s TOP3 metric regularly monitors the performance of both consumer and business products from top security vendors. It does this by keeping track of how the different products on the market fare, when compared to each other in independent reviews. The calculation measures vendors on their ability to score highly in testing – giving each vendor a score based on how many top three places it achieves, compared to the number of tests it took part in.

Kaspersky Lab entered more independent tests than any other vendor in 2017 – entering 86 tests in total, whereas the closest competitor entered 68. The company’s products also came in the TOP3 in 91% of the tests it entered, a number that no other vendor in the industry could come close to matching (the closest competitor achieved one of three first places 72% of the time).

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