Kaspersky Lab participates in the Photo- Video Asia Expo 2018

Kaspersky Lab has helped millions of Indian companies, homes and offices to be digitally secured from dangerous online threats. Digitalisation has impacted each one of us. Internet of Things (IoT) has made life simpler and connectivity easier. However, this very feature is what has been the bane too, more so for photographers and videographers. Professionals associated with the visual medium are totally dependent on their data which forms the backbone of their work. The importance of data security is hence, magnified manifold for them.

The need to offer security should not be limited to the website alone. Most of the professional photo/ videographers use Mac operating systems to work on. Compared to other platforms, macOS is relatively secure. However, threats that specifically target Mac computers are on the increase, and cyber criminals often regard Mac computers as a stepping stone onto the broader business network. Smart cameras too can be equally vulnerable. Experts at Kaspersky Lab found that the issue was with the manner in which the cameras interacted with the cloud service was insecure and vulnerable to outside interference. A potential cyber threat to any of these devices is a big risk for a professional whose work majorly depends on his/her data.

Kaspersky Lab will be participating at the Photo- Video Asia Expo 2018 in Delhi, Pragati Maidan from 17th-19th August 2018 with a booth that will showcase their Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS), Kaspersky Small Office Security (KSOS) and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (KISA) solutions for the photography and videography industry. To make their participation even more exciting for the audiences at the Expo, Kaspersky Lab will be running a contest wherein whoever takes a selfie at the Kaspersky Booth and posts it on social media, he/she can win exciting prizes. Kaspersky Lab looks forward in the direction of focusing on this industry to promote cybersecurity consumer products.