February 25, 2021

Kasperky Lab’s Industrial CyberSecurity Platform wins prestigious award

Kaspersky Lab has led the way in the world of cyber security with its cutting-edge products that have often stayed ahead of security kespersky logothreats. Its big and persistent investment in research has always paid rich dividends as customers’ have averted threats worth billions. In the recent years, Kaspersky has invested big in industrial security products, to help cover the huge sector that was waiting for a product that understood their unique security requirements. Its efforts for the same were honouredwhen its Industrial CyberSecurity Platform won the very prestigious World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievement Award. The honour was bestowed upon Kaspersky Lab at the 3rd World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China earlier this week.

The theme at this year’s much-respected conference was ‘Innovation-driven Internet development for the benefit of all – Building a community of Common Future in Cyberspace’. It aimed at identifying and encouraging the most ground-breaking, inclusive and innovative developments across the world. Kaspersky Lab’s CyberSecurity Platform was designed to help industries across sectors to customize a multi-layered security platform, to precisely suit its needs. The sought-after innovation award attracted entries from world giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Samsung, amongst others. Of these, the coveted honour went to the big winners of the evening – Kaspersky Lab, Alibaba, Tesla and Watson. In this prestigious hall of fame, Kaspersky Lab is the only cyber-security company in this year’s shortlist, from which the winner was picked.
Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning Industrial CyberSecurity Platform was launched in early 2016 with the specific objective to protect the complex industrial environment that contains a diverse range of proprietary systems. Highly flexible, the platform can be customized to suit each installation’s specific needs. The radical platform filled a giant hole in the sector with its intensive business audit; training programmes that cover education and awareness of executives and engineers; full range of services that range from vulnerability assessment to incident response; and the advanced technology that is pre-emptive and efficient.

Mr. AltafHalde, Managing Director (South Asia), Kaspersky Lab said, “It is a very proud moment for all of us at Kaspersky Lab. This honour recognizes not just our relentless efforts to innovate, but also our position as a global leader in the cyber security domain. Our R&D teams across the world work very hard to stay a step ahead of not just industry standards, but also hackers and the like. At Kaspersky, we understand precisely what kind of solutions are needed for specific challenges. That’s exactly what makes Industrial CyberSecurity Platform so special. It smoothly and effectively addresses the challenges of the dynamic industrial sector, where requirements vary depending on the nature of business, size and even the country. Our CyberSecurity Platform can address almost all combinations of these three criteria.This ability to foresee, design and deliver customized solution is the highlight of our numerous in-development products that’ll align very well with India’s ambitious Digital India and Smart City programmes, which we are sure will be game-changers. Being recognized before the world, and sharing the stage with global leaders, has been an absolute honour. This will further propel us to work harder with governments and regulators in developing frameworks to combat sophisticated and complex threats.”

With this award, Kaspersky Lab has added yet another feather in its cap and further strengthened its position as a visionary leader in cyber security. Kaspersky Lab has been working closely with not just governments and regulators but also its partners and customers, to ensure that their advanced products are utilized to their full potential. This award will fuel its famed research team to keep looking for solutions to the world’s as-yet unseen cyber security threats, and keep it ahead of trends.