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Kapture transforms CX for the BFSI sector; amplifies customer data security

Kapture aims to achieve a whopping 15% to 25% revenue growth from the BFSI sector in the next three years

Kapture – a renowned SaaS-based Customer Experience platform has proven to be a game-changer in simplifying complex support workflows in the BFSI sector to secure highly sensitive customer data. The platform centralizes the support operations in the BFSI sector by bringing all the business processes and departments together on a single platform and providing first-contact resolutions.

Launched in 2014, Kapture has become a global CX platform, catering to customers in 16 countries across eCommerce, internet companies, Real Estate, Travel, Pharmaceuticals, and more. While capturing a substantial market share of CX in the BFSI sector, the platform eyes 15% to 25% revenue growth from BFSI companies in the next three years.

Delighted with the deployment of Kapture CX, Sheshgiri Kamath – Co-Founder and CEO of Kapture CX said, “Customer support in BFSI needs a vertically focused platform to understand the industry nuances. BFSI support operations are more complex involving multiple departments, approvals and documents to provide a resolution. Kapture is a tried and tested partner in this vertical with many enterprise customers using the platform benefiting from simplification of complex support workflows using AI/ML capabilities. Kapture helps large enterprises understand customer needs in real time and provide contextual and hyper personalised customer support journey’s resulting in customer delight.”

BFSI is one of the oldest verticals and a slow adopter of digitalization. While leveraging the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Kapture handles customer relationships in a highly commoditized BFSI sector through a hyper-personalized approach and stringent security.

The CX platform facilitates tight and secure integrations with all business process applications involved in banking operations. As a result, Kapture has designed an AI-integrated chatbot to track the loopholes in the system, minimize risks and solve complex issues which might otherwise require human touchpoints and affect operational efficiencies. In addition, the chatbot enables new-age services like policy details, statements, modifying account/policy details, KYC update etc can be handled by AI.

The AI-enabled SaaS-based platform helps organizations implement automated workflows to achieve operational efficiency. Tickets can be assigned to the right support agent considering the region, priority, nature, product type and preferred language of the customers. Furthermore, it also helps to implement an automated escalation matrix to ensure minimal SLA breaches during the resolution process.

Kapture CX comes with features like an agent assistant, knowledge management system and learning management system all of which help to ensure quality support across a very large support team.

Kapture capitalizes on Generative AI models to summarize long conversations. It analyzes lengthy emails or previous chat conversations from customers and summarizes the information to help agents understand the context of a ticket quickly, making it highly time and cost-efficient.

Besides this, it gives controlled access to business process applications that are required in the resolution process. Agents can only see the required information, while other sensitive data fields can be encrypted. Support agents only need to be logged into the platform to access all the information required for resolution.

Kapture boasts a cutting-edge technology security solution. It is ISO 270001, GDPR, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant and can mask or encrypt sensitive PHI/PPI information. With API integrations, the platform simplifies loan management systems, claim management systems, Payment collection software and many more platforms used in the BFSI sector.

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