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Kapture CX launches LLMs to revolutionise Industry-specific customer interactions

With the launch of Kapture’s vertical-specific LLMs, the platform becomes a pioneer in revolutionising industry-specific customer interactions, anticipating 80% of automated ticket resolution, significantly reducing the average handling time by 70%.

Kapture, a leading enterprise SaaS Customer Experience (CX) automation platform has taken a leap in its advanced CX solutions by announcing the launch of its in-house LLMs (Large Language Models) tailored to specific industry verticals. With this innovation, the platform’s cutting-edge technology revolutionises contextual customer interactions and support across various channels including emails, chats, and social media.

As every business enterprise is actively strategizing marketing, sales and customer retention, creating an impactful CX becomes imperative in establishing a personal rapport with customers. With the strategic move to create its own LLMs, Kapture plays an instrumental role in providing real-time customer support, reverting and resolving customer queries promptly.

Transcending beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, Kapture’s LLMs are trained on industry-specific vertical data, offering a competitive edge over the widely implemented horizontal approach in the present market landscape.

For Vertical Specific Information Extraction, Kapture built and embedded Vertical Suite of LLMs for unparalleled capabilities in understanding customer intent and extracting critical information from natural language communications. Subsequently, this enhances customer experience while also driving efficiency in handling customer queries.

Commenting on the idea of building in-house LLMs, Vikas Garg, Co-Founder & CPO of Kapture said, “At Kapture CX, we are committed to leveraging the LLMs to provide industry-leading solutions in customer support and interaction. Our LLMs are more than just models; they are integral components in our quest to redefine customer experience and business insights.”

Additionally, the augment of the Vertical LLM suite enables a robust Response Recommender System. It is designed to auto-generate contextual responses based on various factors such as communication channels, customer intent, transaction history, and customer persona. This not only streamlines response generation but also significantly improves customer support metrics.

Kapture has over a decade of experience in enhancing customer experience management for large enterprises. This has further helped the company pioneer the development of LLMs specifically for Profanity Detection and Sarcasm Understanding. The model plays a critical role in detecting profanities and understanding sarcasm further augments the idea of maintaining the decorum of customer interactions and in automatic correction of responses.

“Our LLMs are adept at discerning customer intent and extracting relevant information, ensuring that every customer interaction is contextual, insightful and productive,” he added.

For a vigorous post-interaction analysis, Kapture has employed multiple features to analyse customer conversations. This includes generating automatic quality assurance scores and tagging conversations based on issues, products, and locations. These insights provide pinpointed feedback, enhancing both business strategies and customer support effectiveness.

Currently, 60% of Kapture CX’s enterprise clients use LLMs. In the coming quarters. The Kapture CX platform projects to deploy in-house LLMs for over 90% of customers.


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