October 1, 2020

K7 Computing to host AVAR 2013 in Chennai

k7-logoK7 Computing Pvt. Ltd is the official organizer of AVAR 2013, one of the largest international Security Conferences be held, from 4 December to 7 December 2013, in Chennai (India) for the very first time. The 16th edition of AVAR’s (Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers) global conference will have some of world’s foremost thought leaders and technology game-changers from companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky and more in attendance to share their visions on the security industry.

This prestigious conference is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in safe and secure computing and the security of the internet; be it for the business or technical needs of corporate IT professionals, students, educators, law enforcement and legislators. Moreover, the event is to be held in the city of Chennai, the coastal capital of Tamil Nadu that boasts of unique cultural identities and the very latest in amenities. Previous AVAR conferences have been held in Japan, China and Australia.

With the virtual world constantly evolving, it has become more critical than ever before to ensure a secure environment. With some of the business thought leaders and technology stalwarts from all over the world in attendance, AVAR 2013 will $be the premier platform to fully understand the potential of the security industry.

Over the years, AVAR has been a catalyst for cross-border and inter-organizational collaborations that have made a significant contributions to the industry. This year, K7 Computing is all set to make it more exciting and rewarding for those in attendance than ever before.