Just Buy Live deploys Qlik Analytics Platform to present Custom-Built Applications to deliver its Customers Greater Market Insight

Qlik’s open, modern analytics platform approach enables India’s largest e-distributor to meet its specific requirements for its retail customers

Qlik®, a leader in visual analytics, today announced that Just Buy Live, India’s firstand largest e-distribution platform, has leveraged qlikthe Qlik Analytics Platformto deliver custom-built applications to deliver an intuitivedata analytics experience toits customers. The Qlik Analytics Platform is an open platform on which Qlik’s global community of developers can build custom analytic applications based on rich front-end and back-end Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By leveraging the Qlik Analytics Platformto build rich data-driven analytic applications, Just Buy Live is able to analyze real-time retailer transaction behavior, identify the latest retail trade trends, forecast demand, and provide spot-on recommendations to its clientele of brands spanning acrossFMCG, mobile,andelectronic sectors.

Connecting over 2,500 brands to traditional mom-and-pop stores, Just Buy Live has been disrupting traditional retail distribution with its dynamic mobile platform. With the system scaling up across markets and the retailer transactions growing at an enormous pace, Just Buy Live was initially facing challenges in managing demand, SKU (Stock Keeping Units) penetration and logistics; slowing their time to market.The Qlik Analytics Platformhelps the company bridge this gap by providing custom-built applications that track real-time intelligence on constantly-shifting market dynamics, retailer demands, and preferences. With agile data analysis, the company has been able to customise and plan their marketing activities,ensuring itsretailersare offered the right products at the right time to provide a delightful delivery experience.

Prior to implementing Qlik, Just Buy Live started building a repository of structured and unstructured data. By pulling data from these various sources into Qlik and building a custom application usingthe Qlik Analytics Platform, Just Buy Live has been successful in finding efficient ways to manage market demand and reduce technical overhead through inventory and SKU management, and data-based marketing. GainInsights, a business intelligence (BI) and analytics consulting firm with invaluable retail domain know-how, and a partner of Qlik in India, was instrumental in this solution.

“The close cooperation and technical integration of Qlik and Just Buy Live has led to more powerful and flexible business intelligence solutions, which will greatly enhance the user experience for our retailers. Partnering with Qlik has enabled Just Buy Live to seamlessly integrate data points across the organization, identify problem areas in a more resourceful manner,and provide valuable insights in real-time. Customer analytics plays a critical role in strengthening our business model to deliver greater value to our customers while using our assets more efficiently,”said Sahil Sani, Chairman and CEO, Just Buy Live.

“Qlik was because we had specific custom requirements that did not require an out of the box software solution. The resulting analytic appsare very user-friendly and don’t require any prior expertisewith data analysis,” he added. “We can now associate data from different departments,drive dynamic reporting and gain insights from them. Apart from the internal organisation, even our retail brands are benefitting from the apps we built using the Qlik Analytics Platform.”

Souma Das, Managing Director, Qlik India said, “Our constant endeavour has been to provide our clientsmore agile ways of handling management reporting and in helping them modernise analytics in a democratic manner.Being able to offer a development platform to achieve Just Buy Live’s goals has been a big step towards achieving a data-driven culture within their organisation and their larger customer ecosystem.”