August 8, 2020

Is the new 360 degree camera the Samsung Galaxy S8’s first accessory?

Authored by  Bharti Amlani

Recently, a report has been published by specialist blog Sammobile. It says that nowadays, Samsung is busy in developing a “Gear 360 Pro”  a 36o degree camera as a successor of present Gear 360. It is samsungbeing speculated that the company is plotting this new 360-degree camera will be launched along with Galaxy S8 next year, apparently.  We can expect that it will be introduced to the market between February and April in the year 2017.

It was Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress earlier this year, when Samsung made an announcement about its very first consumer-grade 360-degree camera: “the Gear 360”. Though, it has been already launched in the market at the same time when it presented Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but a very few markets it was shipped. Obviously, Samsung had an intention of testing the waters with this device.

Samsung is already enjoying a reasonable success with the Gear 360 and with the release of Gear 360 pro, it will be a sign of improved technical and marketing strategy of the company. The company is also very optimistic with this new device. As per the recent report:

“The Gear 360 could bring improved image and video quality as well as more features, but we are not sure about its aspects as of now. The South Korean smartphone giant is also working on the Gear 360 Manager app for the iOS platform, bringing iOS support for its 360-degree cameras. However, we don’t think iOS support will be released any time soon.”

Under their additional plans, company ‘s technical team is working with beta-testing the Gear Manager app for iPhone , that provides the additional iOS support for Samsung’s smartwatches and fitness trackers. So it’s no surprise that company may be hoping to extend this support to its Gear 360 camera too.