January 26, 2021

Jupiter Launches New Application Acceleration Switch QFX5100-AA

Juniper Networks has unveiled a new application acceleration switch, QFX5100-AA and a new packet flow accelerator module, QFX-PFA.


The new innovations will help financial institutions to accelerate business critical applications in latency sensitive computing environments.

Juniper developed the systems in partnership with Maxeler Technologies, which creates customizable software logic.

The solution is designed to improve the performance of applications that handle market and social media data feeds, execution routing, and big data analytics, empowering financial firms to make decisions faster, using real-time information.

Financial institutions need to analyze and process massive quantities of information instantly from various sources in order to make better trading decisions. Reducing the cost and complexity of their trading infrastructure so that it becomes faster and easier to manage is also a top priority. The compute-integrated networking approach will enable customers to distribute computing across their data center network infrastructure and achieve the ultra-high performance, low latency and predictability that is necessary in today’s financial services industry. This in turn will empower financial services firms to take advantage of emerging market opportunities, such as hyper-contextual trading, brought on by combining big-data analytics with increasingly powerful computing.

Juniper is committed to designing products that address its customers’ requirements for high-performance network infrastructure that can automate and scale as business demands. Financial institutions need to do real-time risk assessment, mine big data and process billions of new messages per second in order to be the first to act on a trade, which is why Juniper’s latest switch innovation will bring compute processing directly into the network.