January 28, 2021

Juniper Networks Switches on High Availability for MARG

MARG Group is one of India’s fastest growing infrastructure organizations, undertaking holistic regional development that unlocks economic prosperity and creates inclusive & sustainable growth models.


The organization has embarked on an innovation-led development that few have attempted and is part of the canvas of new sustainable India. MARG stands for “Models of Accelerated Regional Growth”: The organization is redefining urbanism with unique sustainable and inclusive models. “MARG” is known for its vision on “sustainable growth” and aims for promoting regional development.

Listed by Dun & Bradstreet among “India’s Top 500 Companies 2010”, MARG Group has projects worth more than Rs. 5000 crores under execution, a seasoned human capital of more than 1300, global partners in the Infra space and offices spread across India, Singapore and China.

With over two decades of reassuring presence and pioneering the development development of economic growth centers, MARG’s portfolio spans across the entire infrastructure value chain.

The MARG group is expanding its sectoral presence with airport projects in Bellary and Bijapur and Multilevel car park projects. Today, MARG is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar company.


MARG installed 50 Juniper Networks EX4200 and EX2000 Ethernet switches, and a pair of J Series routers, in a highly redundant architecture. Running on Junos, the design allowed room to scale the data center with high levels of redundancy when business demanded it.

Today, Juniper Networks Network and Security Manager enables the IT team at MARG Group to manage the network more effectively using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. This has allowed the IT team to take control of its entire device life cycle with a single, centralized console that includes a complete array of investigative and reporting tools. That means that the team controls all functions of their switching and security infrastructure – including device configuration, network settings, and security policy – through a single pane window.

The entire implementation was done in just two months and went live in one go. “We did a big bang. We installed and tested everything. So when the employees came in, they only needed to plug their computers in to the network and start working,” said Vidwans. “This minimized operational disruption from the move while at the same time delivering a boost to productivity.”


The success of the deployment was immediately recognized by the network users themselves. Internal customers were extremely happy. They were productive from day one. From a business perspective there was minimal disruption when moving into the office.

The planning, co-ordination and implementation support from the Juniper partner and the close working relationship with Juniper Networks were key reasons for a successful implementation.

Since deployment, the company has not suffered any network outage. In fact, the new network is now enabling MARG to explore more business opportunities without worrying about the network’s ability to support corporate ambitions.

“This was a good example of a technology solution made available at the right price and at the right time, which is futuristic, and most importantly investment proof” said Vidwans.

Next Steps and Lessons Learned

Based on its experience and success with using Juniper Networks at its new head office campus network, MARG is now exploring the possibility of standardizing on Juniper Networks across all locations.