downloadIndia, Dec. 5, 2013 – Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced enhancements to its Junos® Pulse remote access (SSL VPN) and network access control (NAC) solutions and new technology partnerships with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) companies.  These new enhancements and partnerships enable enterprises and service providers to simplify and better secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) efforts. Through partnerships with leading MDM providers AirWatch and MobileIron, Juniper Networks® Junos Pulse Secure Access Service and Junos Pulse Access Control Service solutions can leverage these and other popular MDM platforms.

The need for simplified and scalable BYOD solutions is imperative for many companies and organizations. According to Juniper’s Trusted Mobility Index, first released in 2012, many employees claim to circumvent their employers’ official mobile device policies, with nearly half of all respondents who use their personal device for work (41 percent) doing so without permission from their company.  In response to the increasing demand and use of personal devices for work, many companies are establishing BYOD policies and investing in solutions to enable, secure and control these personal devices connecting to the corporate network. Unfortunately, for many companies this has traditionally required purchasing and managing separate solutions from multiple vendors to first secure the device and then its connection to the network. In practice, companies and service providers are often forced to either devote significant resources to manage multiple deployments or prioritize protecting the device with MDM while leaving the connection back to the corporate network less secure.

News Highlights

·         With Juniper’s new technology partnerships, innovative technologies and broadened platform support, companies can now leverage existing MDM investments to expand their security and control of mobile devices while simplifying management


§  Mobile Device Management Partnerships – Juniper Networks is establishing a new open initiative to enable MDM and other mobile security solutions to integrate with its market leading Junos Pulse technology. Today, the company is announcing AirWatch and MobileIron as its first partners of this initiative.

§  These partnerships provide a simple and open way to integrate Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SSL VPN) and Junos Access Control Service (NAC) with MDM solutions that simplify and secure BYOD efforts for both IT and end-users.

§  IT organizations and service providers will benefit from this initiative by being able to leverage mobile device attributes easily – such as device-location, device status and compliance – across both Juniper solutions to create highly granular and intelligent security policies.

§  The integration will also consolidate policy management views into common dashboards, reducing ongoing operational complexity and improving policy visibility.

§  For end-users, it will mean no-touch deployment and configuration of Junos Pulse clients.

·         New Junos Pulse Access Control Service v5.0, Junos Pulse Secure Access Service 8.0 Release

§  Junos Pulse Access Control Service and Junos Pulse Secure Access Service now support KVM-based virtual deployments, in addition to VMware, enabling the Junos Pulse NAC and SSL VPN solutions to work over the widest range of IT environments.

§  Junos Pulse client support now includes Apple OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT client platforms for even broader mobile platform and BYOD support.  Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 versions will include Junos Pulse client connectivity built in, easing deployment efforts on these platforms.

Supporting Quotes

“Organizations are demanding greater levels of control and security as mobile continues to transform business operations and improve employee productivity. The integration between AirWatch and Junos Pulse is significant in offering customers more secure, intelligent and granular policies for BYOD management and in providing additional layers of protection to mobile deployments.”

–          Kevin Keith, director of business development, AirWatch

 “Every day our customers ask how they can leverage remote access, access control and mobile device management, to create a more manageable and secure BYOD solution. Juniper’s Junos Pulse integration with Airwatch and MobileIron is something our customers will want to secure and simplify remote access and BYOD efforts.”

–          Greg Gizinski, manager, SSL systems engineering, MegaPath

“Successful BYOD initiatives combine a great user experience with enterprise-class data security. Compromising either one is not an option. Our partnership with Juniper Networks provides intelligent, mobile-aware policy management for IT and no-touch deployment for employees to make the enterprise access experience secure and intuitive.”

–          Ojas Rege, vice president, strategy, MobileIron

“More needs to be done to help IT embrace BYOD by both enabling users to work everywhere, anytime on any device, while keeping the network secure.  Integrating and linking VPN, NAC and MDM solutions reduces complexity, functional silos and provides a better BYOD experience for both IT and end-users. By working together with our partners, Juniper Networks can simplify the user experience and provide IT peace of mind that they are not compromising security, privacy or control.”

–          Tamir Hardof, senior director, security product marketing, Juniper Networks


Junos Pulse Access Control Service v5.0 and Junos Pulse Secure Access Service 8.0 are available today.

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