logo-top-m (1)Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, announced the availability of Juniper Networks Contrail, a standards-based and highly scalable network virtualization and intelligence solution for software-defined networks (SDN). Contrail is a production-ready SDN solution shipping that is based on stable and proven networking standards. Contrail creates a virtual network, enabling seamless integration between physical and virtual networks while providing service providers and enterprises with a solution that is simple, open and agile. This network virtualization and intelligence solution has been in trials with more than 40 global customers. Juniper Networks is also unveiling new technology development partnerships and product integrations with Contrail that will help customers pragmatically and confidently evolve to SDN.

Enterprises are looking for more efficient ways to build private, public and hybrid clouds to increase application deployment agility. However, traditional networking has not kept pace and can still be manual, static and complex. Contrail virtualizes the network, brings advanced networking capabilities into the hypervisor and integrates with cloud orchestration systems, to enable seamless automation and orchestration across multiple cloud platforms. The solution also offers a robust analytics engine, providing a real-time view into network operations. Network and cloud service providers are under tremendous pressure to develop, deploy and monetize new services, but most services are difficult to reconfigure or adapt to changing user demands. Contrail empowers these customers to quickly bring new services to market by providing a smooth transition with automatic provisioning and dynamic service chaining in cloud environments that run on x86-based servers. The commercial version of Contrail is available through Juniper Software Advantage and is offered as both a perpetual and subscription software license.  Perpetual license is priced at US$1,700 per socket and one year subscription license at US$1,000 per socket.

News Highlights:

  • Juniper Networks Contrail – Formerly known as JunosV Contrail, the network virtualization and intelligence solution is comprised of all the components needed to create a virtual overlay network: SDN controller, vRouter, and analytics engine. In trial with leading service provider and enterprise customers, Contrail has proven the following benefits:

o   A simple way to connect physical networks with a virtual environment and provision underlying services, reducing the time, cost and risk for customers when configuring the network.

o   Juniper Contrail seamlessly integrated with Juniper Networks flagship virtual firewall, Firefly Perimeter, which is the first of many Juniper SDN-enabled security services that provides unparalleled performance, scale and coverage across virtualized data centers.  With this integration customers benefit from simplified orchestration, provisioning and management of service-chained virtual and physical security services.

o   Eliminates the risk of vendor-lock-in for customers by leveraging a standards-based architecture that integrates with a wide variety of hypervisors, physical networks and cloud orchestration platforms including compatibility with both CloudStack and OpenStack platforms.

o   Seamlessly integrates with most industry switches and routers including the Juniper Networks MXEX and QFX Series, providing customers with a quick and easy migration path to SDN without any disruption to underlying physical network architecture and investment.

o   Accelerates the connection of virtual resources and enables the federation ofprivate, public or hybrid cloud environments, increasing the speed of business and service innovation for customers by making the network more dynamic, flexible and automated.

o   Fast troubleshooting and diagnostics through unique analytics capability, enabling customers to manage their networks more intelligently and efficiently.

In a related announcement, Juniper Networks introduced Open Contrail, an open source software platform that makes the core software powering Contrail available through an open source license. Customers will benefit from the innovation driven through Open Contrail’s open source community, while at the same time giving them the confidence that comes with a product that has undergone Juniper Networks rigorous quality assurance testing. Open Contrail is available for download at Full press release with details can be found here: Juniper Networks Introduces OpenContrail:  An Open Source Solution to Foster Innovation and Adoption of Software-Defined Networking.

Customer Support Quotes:

“Cyberport is a leading information and communications technology hub in the Asia-Pacific region.  As we evolve into offering cloud services, we evaluated Juniper Contrail and are impressed with its ability to provide a secure multi-tenant cloud architecture leveraging Open Stack, our orchestration platform.  Since Contrail is based on proven networking standards and protocols, we expect it will provide seamless integration with our existing network.”

–          Dr. David Chung, chief technology officer, Cyberport, Hong Kong

“ISPrime is a leading hosting provider, and we pride ourselves on the performance and availability of all our systems, including the network. When we were evaluating a virtual networking solution to enable our new cloud services, we required a level of performance and agility that was not available with traditional solutions. We found that Juniper Network Contrail delivers the advanced networking capabilities we require, while working together with our existing MX Series platforms to offer rich networking capabilities that span both the physical and virtual network.”

–          Phil Rosenthal, chief technology officer, ISPRIME

“We have been using Juniper Networks Contrail solution for several months now, and have been impressed with its ability to speed service introduction by automating the provisioning of virtual networks, and enable new types of services by orchestrating network connectivity across public, private and hybrid clouds. Contrail was also able to integrate seamlessly with our existing homemade orchestration system.”

–          Mathieu Paonessa, network architect, Jaguar Network

“As SunGard continues to expand our cloud service portfolio, it is important for us to ensure that our cloud network is flexible, scalable and dynamic—and SDN technologies like Juniper Networks Contrail solution can bring this agility to the network. Juniper’s Contrail SDN controller is unique because it brings advanced layer 3 IP/MPLS routing capabilities into the hypervisor, while integration with orchestration platforms like CloudStack makes it simple to manage. This enables us to extend our existing network into the virtual word without the need to train server staff in routing protocols.”

–          Nik Weidenbacher, principal engineer, SunGard Availability Services 

Partner Quotes

“By combining Cedexis Radar and Juniper Networks Contrail, we will deliver on the SDN vision of web and mobile experiences that are uniquely optimized for actual end users.  The ability to use real-time big data sets, such as Cedexis Radar real end-user telemetry to shape and control Contrail SDN-enabled networks, will provide performance benefits for end users along with control, differentiation and costs benefits for enterprises.”

–          Marty Kagan, chief executive officer, Cedexis, Inc. 

“By integrating Check Point’s security services with Juniper Networks Contrail, our customers will have a more simplified solution that offers greater choice and flexibility in building highly secure and agile virtual networks. Check Point believes the time is right to move SDN toward widespread adoption and looks forward to participating in Juniper Networks’ SDN Technology Partner Program. Contrail’s service chaining capabilities allows our customers to automate service insertion in virtual networks to address the increasing demand for this important need.”

–          Alon Kantor, vice president of business development, Check Point Software Technologies

“A leading provider of solutions that are powering the Cloud Era, Citrix has a proven track record of helping its customers build some of the world’s largest and most successful public and private clouds. The integration of two open-source based technologies, Juniper Contrail with Citrix CloudPlatform addresses customer demand for choice and flexibility. Juniper Networks and Citrix are providing our joint customers with an agile and open platform for building and delivering powerful cloud services on existing physical and emerging software defined networks.”

–          Sameer Dholakia, group vice president and general manager, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix

“With Contrail, Cloudscaling is able to provide a turnkey, open architecture, elastic cloud infrastructure solution that it highly interoperable with both existing data center environments and elastic public clouds. The Contrail SDN Controller is the foundation for the Open Cloud System’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking capability, enabling provisioning of virtual networks on demand with full control of the network fabric.”

–          Azmir Mohamed, vice president of product management, Cloudscaling

“The integration of Dorado’s Redcell products with Juniper Networks Contrail helps us support service providers to recognize immediate benefits from their Network Function Virtualization (NFV) initiatives by providing a predictable path to operationalizing industry-leading SDN solutions, like Contrail.”

–          Chris Simon, director of service provider business unit, Dorado Software

“Flash Networks’ Harmony solutions support deployments in a virtualized network environment, enabling mobile operators to accelerate, optimize, and monetize their data traffic with increased network flexibility and scalability at a lower total cost of ownership. Flash Networks is committed to delivering the best possible performance to our customers, and Juniper’s Contrail pioneering open standards-based IP solution for network as a service (NaaS) will allow us to deliver Harmony on mobile operators’ cloud-based networks, even more efficiently and cost effectively.”

–          Liam Galin, president and chief executive officer, Flash Networks

“As a spinoff from the University of Pennsylvania, Gencore is pleased to engage Juniper Networks, and develop our SDN solutions on the Juniper software platforms. Contrail is a proven SDN architecture that enables us to rapidly deploy next-generation software-based network functions and analytics services on our Gencore Scalanytics platform. The combined use of Scalanytics and Contrail allows for more agile network infrastructures, applications, and services that react quickly to reconfigure themselves dynamically.” itvoice

–          Dr. Boon Thau Loo, co-founder of Gencore Systems and Associate Professor in the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania

“Gigamon is pleased to join the Juniper Networks SDN Technology Partner Program. Gigamon is committed to providing pervasive visibility into all networks and topologies including SDN architectures like that provided by Juniper’s Contrail platform. We anticipate that operators will see greater provisioning ease and automation using Contrail’s service chaining workflow in conjunction with Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric, which provides the additional intelligence and packet modification required to send the right data to the right tools. Our joint customers can look forward to greater value through this partnership to maintain traffic visibility as they evolve their networks from physical to virtual and SDN models.”

–          Peter Finter, chief marketing officer, Gigamon

“As the industry evolves towards software-defined networks, the need for streaming analytics will become much more critical.  Essentially serving as the brains behind the network, analytics can help service providers dynamically provision networks, utilize resources more efficiently and realize immediate business value, We are excited to partner with Juniper  to help communication service providers realize the full potential of intelligent data driven networks as they transition to SDN.”

–          Roy Singh, chief technology officer, Guavus

“Cloud Computing is spurring innovation and changing the way we think about technology. At IBM we believe open source and open standards are essential for even greater levels of innovation, which is why we are excited to partner with Juniper Networks on an open solution that will provide our mutual customers with the ability to deploy and manage highly scalable cloud infrastructures through the seamless integration of IBM’s SmartCloud Orchestrator and Juniper’s Contrail SDN controller. Both companies’ commitment to open source cloud technologies provides our customers with choice and a platform for managing heterogeneous environments.”

–          Angel Diaz, vice president, Software Standards and Cloud Labs, IBM

“As Juniper Networks’ first Australian cloud specialist partner, ICT Networks is committed to working together with Juniper to help our customers evolve toward SDN and cloud orchestration platforms. Our investment in building a Juniper Networks Contrail lab and ensuring our technical staff are trained using the Partner Advantage Cloud specialization to design, install and support the Contrail solution will assist us as we guide our customers in their journey toward robust SDN and cloud deployments.”

–          Robert Kingma, chief executive officer, ICT Networks

“Integrating ISC8’s cybersecurity products into Contrail will help service providers dramatically speed up the deployment of virtualized networks and customized security services while also ensuring that those deployments are secure against the most advanced and sophisticated threats. As a Juniper Networks SDN Technology Partner, we look forward to helping customers keep their valuable network investments one step ahead of the always evolving security threat landscape.”

–          Bill Joll, president and chief executive officer, ISC8, Inc

“Juniper’s vision for SDN through the Contrail family embraces open standards-based IP solutions. We are looking forward to working with Juniper to expand options for our clients as they move to the open, cloud and virtualized network environments and to keep those clients in a state of continuous cyber situational awareness through the use of IPsonar ESI.”

–          Matt Webster, chief technology officer, Lumeta 

“The integration of Juniper Network Contrail with Mirantis’ Fuel helps customers build SDN-enabled OpenStack clouds easily and safely. As the leading OpenStack company we’ve seen our customers achieve huge improvements in the speed, flexibility and utilization of their IT infrastructure. Juniper’s SDN solution, integrated with Fuel and OpenStack brings our customers one step closer to the fully automated data center running on open source technology.”

–          Adrian Ionel, chief executive officer, Mirantis

“We are pleased to continue to strengthen our relationship with Juniper Networks, and the value we provide to customers, as one of the select resellers to achieve the Cloud specialization within the Partner Advantage program. We believe our training and readiness on SDN and orchestration based on Juniper Networks Contrail solution will help us serve our service provider and enterprise customer base and build on the success that led to NERA Telecommunications winning Juniper’s 2012 Service Provider Partner of the Year in Asia-Pacific.”

–     Samuel Ang, chief executive officer, NERA Telecommunications

“Nissho has been one of the leading resellers and systems integrators of Juniper Networks solutions since 1998. Now with our new Cloud Specialization, we are pleased to be one of the select systems integrators authorized to help our customers adopt Juniper’s cloud, virtualization, SDN and Orchestration technologies. Our technical staff has been fully trained on the Juniper Contrail, we have built a Contrail lab within our organization and we are actively engaged with some of our customers who are looking to move forward with production deployments in Japan.”

–     Toshi Kibe, director & managing executive officer, GM Marketing Division, Nissho Electronics

“Organizations continue to make strategic decisions to adopt an open hybrid cloud because they want choice in vendors and the ability to leverage their existing infrastructure investments.  Juniper’s SDN Technology Partner Program embraces open environments and we are looking forward to working with Juniper to expand options for organizations moving to the cloud through the Red Hat OpenStack ecosystem and with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure.”

–          Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, virtualization, Red Hat

“As enterprises look to move beyond SDN to implement SDDCs, Riverbed Stingray is well positioned to support large-scale automated ADC deployments in an as-a-service model with the recently released Stingray Services Controller. ADCs have to be cloud-aware, as dynamic as the application itself, and able to fit into changing environments. Riverbed offers the ideal ADC solutions to support SDDCs and accelerate multi-tier applications quickly and cost-efficiently across any private, public, and hybrid cloud environment. Through the Juniper Networks SDN Technology Partner program, Riverbed and Juniper will work to mitigate the complexities associated with application delivery.”

–          Jeff Pancottine, senior vice president and general manager of Stingray, RiverBed

“Our involvement in Juniper’s SDN Technology Partner Program provides further evidence of Sandvine’s commitment to SDN and policy innovation. As the only policy vendor with an announced SDN & Network Functions Virtualization [NFV] strategy for its platform, Sandvine has foreseen the need for application- and subscriber-aware feature sets in a Software Defined Network, including Network Services Chaining. We see SDN as a means of continuing our innovation leadership into the next realm of policy control: virtualization.”

–          Don Bowman, chief technology officer, Sandvine

“In working with the Juniper Networks Contrail solution, we address a primary concern of any customer considering the move to a SDN or Network as a Service deployment – how to leverage a SDN without losing real-time visibility of how things perform–which is the first step in quickly identifying and rectifying network service disruption.” Murray continued, “SevOne wants to work with network vendors that demonstrate thought leadership and a desire to support multi-vendor networks.  Juniper Networks is a perfect fit.”

–          Casey Murray, vice president of global strategic alliances, SevOne

“As enterprises and service providers begin the transition to virtualized network infrastructure, Juniper’s Contrail controller will greatly simplify insertion and service chaining for solutions like Silver Peak virtual data acceleration. As the leader in virtualized network services, Silver Peak is excited to join Juniper Networks SDN Technology Development Partner Program with a focus on reduced cost and faster time to deployment for our mutual customers.”

–          Marc Trimuschat, vice president of alliances for Silver Peak 

Sonus Networks is an early partner of Juniper as we are working together on network function virtualization.  The introduction of Contrail, an open SDN controller simplifies networking in the virtualization world and we believe is the next step in increasing the service provider’s ability to monetize service delivery.  This is illustrated by the Contrail product which we anticipate will provide customers with greater agility in deploying Sonus Networks’ award-winning SBC as a virtualized network service.”

David Tipping, Vice President and General Manager, Sonus SBC Business 

“Our partnership with Juniper Networks around Contrail supports our commitment to providing agile and efficient Websense® TRITON® security to protect organizations from the latest advanced threats and data theft,” said Russ Dietz, Websense CTO. “Contrail’s automated and scale-out service chaining feature will assist joint customers when deploying Websense TRITON in virtualized software defined networks while reducing operational costs.”

–          Russ Dietz, chief technology officer, Websense

“Becoming a Juniper Networks’ Partner Advantage Cloud partner means Xantaro can design and support unique cloud-based solutions to help meet our customers’ expectations and remain competitive in a rapidly changing market environment. Leveraging Juniper Networks Contrail SDN solution also means we can bring innovative solutions to help customers grow their business through new revenue opportunities.”

–          Gerold Arheilger, chief technology officer, Xantaro Group

“SDN has tremendous promise to drive agility, fuel innovation, and reduce costs for both enterprise and service providers.  Customers are excited by this potential, but until now, SDN has been a lot of hype and not much reality.  That changes today with the release of Juniper Networks Contrail and OpenContrail. Together with our broad partner ecosystem, Juniper has not only delivered on our SDN strategy, but we are providing customers with a solution that meets their business needs and eliminates the barriers that have stifled network innovation.”

–          Bob Muglia, executive vice president, Software Solutions Division, Juniper Networks   

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