January 21, 2021

Philips India Launchs New Product Called ‘Philips PreClean Juicer HR1863/20’

Philips India announced the launch of a new product Philips_ HR1863called ‘Philips PreClean Juicer HR1863/20’. The new product comes with ‘QuickClean technology’ supplemented by the PreClean feature .

PreClean Juicer is a unique juicer with an innovative upside-down sieve. This distinctive device comes with unique PreClean technology which creates a water fountain in the juicer, that rinses away the unwanted fibres from the sieve and make it easier to clean. Its ‘maximum juice, minimum fuss’ design makes it easy for everyone to enjoy healthy, home-made juices any day – any time.

The new compact addition to Philips’ Healthy Living Portfolio takes the pain out of the arduous task of cleaning juicers, and extracts upto 10 percent more juice.

Philips PreClean juicer is the perfect answer to the challenge of removing tricky food fibres stuck in the mesh after juicing. In fact, cleaning takes just one minute with this new Juicer thanks to its patented QuickClean technology, supplemented by the PreClean feature. While the QuickClean technology ensures an ultra -smooth surface of the sieve and prevents fibres from being caught, the PreClean feature easily rinses away any fibres that may still get stuck to the sieve.

Talking about the launch of the new product, Gulbahar Taurani, director, marketing and business head, Domestic Appliances said, “Philips aims to help its consumers keep up with the increasingly fast paced lifestyle, where nutrition takes a back seat. The market is receptive to newer innovations as the consumers are willing to invest in more advanced technology for their modern lifestyles. We believe in making health a priority and the process to achieve it should be simple, enjoyable and satisfying – even when it comes to cleaning-up afterwards – which is why the PreClean juicer takes just one minute to clean and also produces high quality, delicious juice.”

Philips has developed a powerful and exceptional ‘Healthy Living Portfolio’ of products that are designed to enhance quality of life. The premium Philips juicers are great for families thanks to their larger size and ability to produce up to 2.5 litres in one go.

Priced at MRP 10,495/, the new Philips PreClean Juicer HR1863/20 is available at modern trade outlets, traditional retail stores and online retail platforms in major metros.