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Jio’s cloud gaming service provides Nvidia GeForce Now in India

Cloud gaming is now available through Jio’s newly released JioGamesCloud service in India. The program’s inclusion of Nvidia’s GeForce Now online gaming service, which is renowned for offering a big library of games through the cloud, is surprising. Jio’s own cloud gaming service has few games, whereas GeForce Now has a large selection of AAA and independent games. Some users have begun noticing a separate GeForce Now page on JioGamesCloud, thus it appears that the service isn’t accessible to all Jio subscribers.

Saints Row 4, Saints Row the Third, and other games are available on JioGamesCloud, which is now in beta. Jio and Microsoft earlier collaborated to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to India. However, it appears that this agreement was broken, apparently over pricing issues between Jio and Microsoft. Since hardware limitations wouldn’t be a problem, cloud gaming would greatly improve the gaming environment in India, which has been missing out on it for a time.

Having said that, some Jio users can already access GeForce Now through JioGamesCloud. An employee of Jio appears to have confirmed that the company is working with Nvidia to introduce GeForce Now to the nation. While GeForce Now appears to be only available to a small group of gamers with a set-top box, JioGamesCloud is accessible to all Jio users. We can only hope that Jio will soon provide further clarification on this.

We may anticipate Xbox Cloud Gaming and PlayStation’s cloud gaming services to expand to India when GeForce Now gradually expands there. GeForce Now’s performance in India, especially with regard to latency, remains to be seen. There was some lag seen by users of the JioGamesCloud beta. The service is still in early access, so improvements are anticipated over the next few months.

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