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Jio Tag launched as Apple Air Tag alternative, can locate lost items

The recently released JioTag is now available in India at a price of Rs 749, and customers can purchase it through the Jio website. This device serves as a more affordable option compared to Apple’s AirTag.

Reliance Jio has introduced a new device called JioTag in India, which serves as an item-tracking gadget. This affordable alternative to Apple’s AirTag utilizes Bluetooth technology to help users locate misplaced items. The JioTag is available for purchase on the Jio website at a price of Rs 749, with an MRP of Rs 2,499. In comparison, Apple’s AirTag is priced at Rs 3,490.

JioTag boasts several features, including a year-long battery backup and the ability to locate lost items. Users can double-tap on the tracker to ring their phone, even if it is on silent. The device alerts users if they forget their belongings and provides their location. With a range of up to 20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors, it supports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. Additionally, JioTag offers a Community Find feature that allows users to track the last known location of an item, even if it becomes disconnected.

The retail box of JioTag includes an extra battery and a lanyard cable, making it easier for users to attach the device to their belongings. While JioTag has a limited range compared to Apple’s AirTag, it is suitable for locating items within a range of 20-50 meters, such as small purses, wallets, key rings, and car keys. On the other hand, AirTags offer greater tracking capabilities, relying on a network of iPhones to locate items that are more than 30 feet away from the user’s phone. Apple ensures privacy by using end-to-end encryption for the connections between AirTags and iPhones, with no location or personal data being collected.

However, AirTags have some limitations. They are not compatible with Android devices, and there is no way to alert a phone from the tag itself. Additionally, AirTags lack a hole for a lanyard or key ring, making it challenging to attach them to certain small items. Moreover, the higher price of AirTags may be a deterrent for some users.

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