Jettec is “India’s biggest house of Imaging Supplies”: Mr. Rohit Shah, President, JET TEC Info Consumables (India) Private Limited

JET TEC Info Consumables (India) Private Limited, started its journey  in 1999. The company has increased its presence pan-India under the valuable guidance of its President, Mr. Rohit Shah. IT Voice had the pleasure of talking to him and learning about the future strategy for the company.

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Mr. Rohit Shah, President, Jettec Info Consumables (India) Pvt Ltd

Mr. Rohit: JET TEC Group can be described in few words “India’s biggest house of Imaging Supplies”. The Group started with Image Master, an SME manufacturing printer ribbons to an organization having the group turnover of 38 Crores and a huge customer base for everything in Computer Consumables and Imaging Products. JET TEC has been awarded STMC Certification by International Imaging Council for its Manufacturing and QC Testing process. JET TEC is one of the most preferred partners for supply of Compatible & Remanufactured Toner Cartridges for Corporate, PSU & SME across India.

IT Voice) Compared to other industry members, what are the strengths of your company?

Mr. Rohit: JET TEC is directly associated with Internationally reputed manufacturers like Mitsubishi (MK Imaging), Jadi and many more unlike other suppliers. This helps us ensure that all our Customers get High Quality products at best prices on regular basis. It is the consistency of supply and quality of material along with competitive prices gives us an edge over competition. JET TEC has its own office across India which ensures that material availability across India reducing the transit time for customers requirement.

IT Voice) In your opinion, what is the most difficult problem facing the industry? Where can we find opportunity and hope?

Mr. Rohit: We are seeing that a lot of refillers are providing onsite service to customer at cheaper rates. Customers get easily lured by cheaper price and more when given an option of refilling at their premises. In the process, they are required to compromise the quality for their own survival.

Due to this, Customers get very poor quality from a refilled cartridge and they tend to think they Recycled / Remanufactured products are of poor quality which not the truth. Many of them even switch back to using OEM Cartridges. So, educating customers about the difference in Refilling and Quality Recycled / Remanufactured Cartridges and bringing them back to using these products is a big challenge. We are doing our best to educate customers about the difference in Quality and Performance JET TEC Cartridges and it is showing results. Still, there is a long way to go.

IT Voice) Please throw some light on the distribution network and service centers in India?

Mr. Rohit: Over last seventeen years, JET TEC has spread its presence all across India. JET TEC is headquartered at Mumbai in an area of 5000 Sq. Feet & 10,000 Sq. Feet warehouse at Vasai with dedicated team of Marketing & Administration staff looking after branches / partners across India. Production Unit of the Group is in “Himachal Pradesh” in an area of 7000 Sq. feet approx. Currently, JET TEC has a facility to manufacture 10,000 Toner Cartridges a month.

JET TEC has 8 branches across India with respect to the market potential. Offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat & Baroda cover Western Zone. Delhi branch covers Northern India; Kolkata looks after East & North East whereas Lucknow looks after Central India. Chennai Branch takes care of South India’s business. Special representatives have been appointed to cater requirements of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, U.P., Uttarakhand and Interior Maharashtra.

IT Voice) What are Plans for Jettec in 2013? Are you planning to come up with any unprecedented marketing initiative this year?

Mr. Rohit: JET TEC plans to expand its direct presence in unrepresented areas of Country to ensure maximum reach to its customers. We have just concluded our sales promotion scheme for Bangkok Tour for partners achieving sales targets.

IT Voice) Nowadays environment-friendly society is widely advocated. Some companies employ low-carbon production methods. How are you doing in this aspect?

Mr. Rohit: We offer recycled cartridges for Corporate which saves a lot of Carbon Footprint by reusing the plastic and other usable parts. We are also plan to promote bio toner which is environment friendly as compared to popular toners being used for printing.