JAY ROBOTIX Gains Traction In Their Industrial Solution Segment With RoboRuka™ Orders

1368704245_510833113_1-Certified-Internship-Training-Program-By-Jay-Robotix-Pvt-Ltd-Chanda-NagarJAY ROBOTIX Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.jayrobotix.co.in/), pioneer in multidimensional robotics, has received orders for the new version of its industrial offering RoboRuka™2.0, a robotic arm which performs repetitive functions efficiently. Jay Robotix has received order agreement from Sai Surface Coating Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Cosmo Cans Pvt. Ltd and SR Engineering Industries, for production and deployment of 10+ units of RoboRuka™ 2.0, which will debut in the market by the end of this year. The size of the orders is approximately 10 million INR.

Globally, Robotic arms are used in a wide variety of tasks like assembling in electronic & automobile sectors, machining of metals, plastic parts and handling repetitive production capabilities. RoboRuka™2.0 has been designed with enhanced accuracy for repeatability of the movements and also comes with a configurable gripper attachment. It is mountable in any kind of orientation. The use of collision safe electronics is an added feature. RoboRuka™2.0 will have a User – friendly operating system and will be much easier to program. Post the launch of RoboRuka™2.0, the projects will take around 3 months to be implemented.

Commenting on this announcement, Mr. Sudhir Reddy, Managing director, JAY ROBOTIX said, “Our focus at JAY ROBOTIX has always been on innovation. Our expertise in the domain, capability to bring out world-class technology and in-depth knowledge about the Indian industrial market has helped us to establish a strong foothold in the industrial as well as in other sectors. Our vision is to continue innovating and bring forth cutting edge robotics technology to the Indian market.

Advantages of RoboRuka™2.0

The deployment of RoboRuka™2.0 will enhance productivity by over 15 – 25% by ensuring less wastage of raw materials and maintaining the consistency in the product’s quality. It will also reduce cost of production by 10% (approx) including savings in labor cost. Moreover the biggest advantage with RoboRuka™2.0 is that of easy accessibility to spare parts. Companies will be able to achieve greater precision and flexibility and faster production cycles as well. Companies can expect ROI within 6 – 10 months.

According to “Global Industrial Robotics Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”, global industrial robotics market revenues are expected to cross US$ 37 Billion by 2018. The industrial robots have emerged as boon for the manufacturing sector as it helps in reducing cost of production with better quality, safety and provide capital savings. The demand for industrial robots is also gearing up from emerging economies with Brazil, India, Russia and Indonesia emerging as new hubs for manufacturing.