IT Voice September 2020 Edition

Management – doing more by working less

A principle is a fundamental truth about a phenomenon which explains and establishes cause effect relationship. These principles are derived on the basis of observation, experiments, experience and analysis of events. These principles serve as guides to thought and action. A body of interrelated principles dealing with the same subject matter constitutes a theory thus the theory of management consists of a number of principles, duly recognized and systematized and concerned with the management of an organization.

Management principles are universal and are applicable to all types of organization business or non-business government or private enterprises.

Management principles are flexible and not rigid. They are capable of adapting to every need. They can be modified as per requirements of the situation and environment, through providing useful guide lines for future course of action

Taking an example of an organization, how you manage your time and divide the work among your employees is must. Doing everything by yourself will consume more time and will give small results.

Smart work is more important than hard work in this modern era of technological world where everything is modifying and developing and innovating day by day,

Many management principles are not standardized. They are concerned with human behavior, which is not standardized and is highly unpredictable. So, management principles hold good in a large number of situations and need to be modified in specific conditions. That is why the management is regarded as in exact of soft science.

We may have heard certain statements like “He is the best boss or he is the best manager I’ve ever had” but what we don’t talk about is that what makes him or her the best manager or the boss.

The way they respond to daily conversations and daily office problems, they way they interact with other colleagues and employees. It’s may be hard to finish a task in a deadline but it is not hard to follow some management tips and principles to get a way around by dividing task and finish it before time.

Management principles are not only descriptive but are predictive or normative also.

These are predictive or normative as these principle are generally flexible and normal, and also linked to the human behavior to perform in daily work life.