IT Voice Diwali Edition October 2021 (Biggest Diwali Edition)

IT Voice Diwali Edition 2021

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“Focusing on the Digital aspect of your Business”

In today scenario 24×7 based work and earning will help you to get success. Passions go well beyond our day jobs – and turning them into viable business ventures has never been easier. A research found that 1 in 4 small business owners started their venture as a side project while being employed elsewhere. Research commissioned that 80% are embracing the side-hustle – taking on extra money-making projects outside their day job –to gain greater fulfilment.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to get started with your own side-hustle. Turning it into a business success story, however, takes a fair dose of perseverance and planning.

Invest in digital estate : Most side-hustles are born and live online, giving their founders the flexibility to operate in and around their regular office hours. Despite this, many aspiring business founders overlook the importance of a website and social media channels. In fact, 61% of small businesses still don’t have a website – putting their visibility to customers at a significant disadvantage to those which do.

When starting up your side- hustle, take the time to establish a website that’s simple to navigate and a domain name that’s easy to find. Platforms like WordPress make doing so easier and cheaper than ever before, requiring little to no technical knowledge to get a professional-looking site up and running. While you may not need an account on every social media platform, you should have a presence on the channels where your customers tend to go. Fashion and culinary businesses, for example, should consider Instagram a must-have to show off the quality of their products.

Daily Update your digital marketing: Side-hustles promise to turn lifelong passions into fulfilling sources of income, but for most won’t totally replace the standard day job. To avoid the side-hustle drawing too much time away from your main career, founders should consider automating as much of the business as possible. This isn’t as hard as it may sound – numerous tools and tricks exist to take the hassle out of pursuing your passion.

Digital marketing offers some low-hanging fruit for automation. Apps like Facebook Pages can schedule your social media posts well in advance, minimising the time needed to maintain your social media channels every day or week. If your side-hustle involves taking online orders for digital products, like e-books or software, you can tweak email auto-responders to send your customers their product every time an order comes in, or use platforms like Mail chimp to manage more complex orders. Simple automated processes like these ensure that side-hustles provide the flexibility that most start them for.

Good selling habits : There are no side-hustle lasts long if it doesn’t turn a profit, and doing so requires founders to exercise discipline in their marketing and selling.



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