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IT Voice May 2021 Edition


Recently, a lot of significant changes have taken place with regard to data privacy and protection of the users.

Prtotecting your data is as important as not puting your information in a bulnerable state. A lot of data leaks have happened since the past year including big companies like Dominoes, Big Basket, LinkedIn and many more.

The concerning factor now is that what kind of platforms to use to protect your data and maintain your privacy in any sort. No platofrms gurantees you 100% protection of the data that you privode and along with with agreeing to the terms and conditions of the usage of any applica- tion may or may not including another concern- ing factor with regards to you data as some may use you information to trade with any 3rd party companies for monetary value, or can analyze your data to predict a pattern of usage of the user, which general happens now.

The best example would be advertise- ments, if you allow google to track your browser usage, and if you visit any e-commerce website, then same kind of ads will be displayed whenever you surf later or you sur on your social media.

The situation in India is concerning as In- dia did present a new Privacy Policy in 2021, and that policy could be a trouble for the social meida platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Taking a case of WhatsApp, The Govt of In- dia wants WhatsApp to appoint a Nodel and Greivance Officer, and later on they want infor- maion of the data like the location of the sender and who initiated the conversation.

This is concerning for WhatsApp as they would have to break their end-to-end encryption feature to enable the requirement for the specific policy needs.

If WhatsApp has to find the sender of a message, end-to-end needs to be turned off or re- worked hugely.

WhatsApp has filed a case in New Delhi over the same reason for the app usage and IT Rules. They say these rules are a violation of pri- vacy rights in Indiaโ€™s constitution.

If social media companies do not comply with the new IT Rules 2021, it has been clearly stated that the legal immunity protecting them from content shared on their platforms, will be withdrawn. That does not surely mean theyโ€™ll get banned. The new Information Technology (In- termediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021, also known as the new IT Rules 2021, are now in effect.

But a decision will soon be made for the usage of Social Media Apps in
India, as India is a huge audience
for the companies.

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