IT Voice May 2018 Edition

VVIP Culture ?

Is this Supreme Court affected by VVIP culture or Politicians. there are many cases  when Supreme Court work’s in night for in terms of special cases. Is this Supreme Court partiality in justice? In Indian more than 2.81 crore cases pending because the number of judges short 5000 across India. But if there are any case’s related to any VVIP or Politicians Supreme Court work in night?

On one side where we say India is the largest democratic country in the world. The Indian Constitution gives every individual some personal right. But is right to justice is right only for VVIP’s or Politicians? Is this area of justice is limited? The work process in court is too long and lengthy for a common man. Court give’s date for next and next hearing. when  any case related for VVIP’s or Politicians in court it changes is working process to give special treatment is this right way?

In this type of cases rise a question on judiciary system. The process or way of getting justice is difficult for a common man. And the list of pending cases is still too long so how we get justice in VVIP culture.

Whenever there is any problem, we use to say that I will see you in the court. In India has court in every single district its make easy to get justice. There are 24 High Courts in the State and the Union Territories of India, which include the country’s judicial system at the national level along with the Supreme Court of India. Each High Court has the jurisdiction of one state, one federal area or states and Union Territories. But still more than 2.81 crore cases pending in district courts across the country.

20th may to 30th june High Court on summer holiday. And the next hearing date in court will be on 2nd july. In case of special cases court will be open. But still there are question mark on supreme court. Supreme Court is the main base of Indian judiciary and whole country have faith in justice of supreme court. The way of justice is Flexible and comfortable. If we are not satisfied judgment from district court we can go to high court than supreme court.

But in some cases rise a question on judiciary system. So the question is” Is this the VVIP culture effect’s judiciary system? So how can we say that Supreme court didn’t work under any pressure.

There are many example when Supreme Court work in night for some special cases. First example of when court work in night is Yakub menon’s case. The unprecedented hearing held at the Supreme Court past 3 a.m. on Thursday, in which 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon’s last ditch attempt to avert his execution was rejected, was the first of its kind in the apex court’s history and has been generally appreciated by the legal fraternity — though there were some discordant notes also. It was the darkness of the night that made it clear that the country’s top court was meeting at an extremely odd hour, while otherwise everything appeared like any other normal working day. The judges’ library was opened for making available Supreme Court Reporters having compilation of judgments and other statutes for reference by the judges in the course of the hearing. and the second example In Karnataka elections. The Supreme Court ordered that a floor test be held in the Karnataka Assembly at 4 pm on Saturday to ascertain whether newly appointed BJP chief minister BS Yeddyurappa enjoys majority in the state. And the all over hearing, which lasted from 2.11 am to 5.28 am, the top court had made it clear that the swearing-in and government formation would be subject to the final outcome of the case.(net)

Is this VVIP culture and politician affected Supreme Court work timing so is this favoritism or partiality with the common man. And the Supreme Court’s priorities is different for a common persons and VVIP’s.

Tarun Taunk