it voice march 2021 magazine
itvoice march 2021 magazine
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Telecommunications has become an important part in our day-to-day life, from making calls to using high speed mobile data internet.

From the consumer point of view, there is always a high interest in certain technologies that gener­ally enhances the daily routine of communications with one another.

To deliver a better high-speed connection transmis­sion, 5G in India will use a new radio technology, and a low latency network architecture to provide a better network all throughout the planned area.

5G phones have already entered the Indian market, but it would take a little time to develop that infra­structure before they are ready to offer service.

Department of Telecommunications had already presented off 7 frequency bands for the testing purposes.

Company like Reliance Jio has planned to make this technology available by the end of first half of this year, could start it in the second half. All the top tier telco companies like Jio, Airtel and Vi are working on to make 5G a reality in India as soon as possible.

Technically 5G can deliver up to 20Gbps of speed but in the commercial world it only offers up to 1Gbps which is still 10x faster than the current 4G LTE networks. And talking about the latency it could be as low as 1ms ping but in real world it could be around 10ms.

5G Technology could be a huge win in a place like India where the need for a fast connection is must. But certainly, at a right cost. Bringing out the 5G technology, but at a reasonable cost for the Indian consumers is must.

Certain aspects do come into consideration about enabling 5G technology, the infrastructure, the tariff rates, the maintenance and the most import­ant part will be providing the claimed services.

Airtel has already rolled out the testing phase for the 5G and can provide high-speed connection. And they also believe that India can be global hub for 5G innovation.

From performing tasks that requires high speed in­ternet connection to daily tasks like downloading a picture, 5G can be useful. Using day to day mobile apps, surfing on internet, transferring, or uploading files. There are no limitations on how 5G could be a better option for sure.

From consumers to developers of any sort, AR, VR, application, etc., high-speed connection is a plus point for anyone, only that the compatible devices are must to use 5G capabilities.

Tarun Taunk | Editor-in-Chief