October 21, 2020

IT Voice June 2019 Edition

IT Voice June 2019 Edition

“AI is an arsenal: a vast array of techniques and technologies and research directions”

How AI is the future of businesses

“For Business AI Not Just Adoption, But Its Rate of Adoption Will Determine the Next Wave of The Future”

Modern-day enterprise world has invariably been one of the leading stomping grounds for technological advancements. Leading business firms have lately started apprehending work applications and productive boost that follows technological upgrades, thus funding an increased bestowal of IT means into their respective work processes.

Artificial intelligence, for the major part, has led this age of transition where more and more value-based decision-making is being upheld by enhanced computation, greater boost in productivity and accelerated revenue growth to drive more significant results. Undeniably, AI for business carries unprecedented possibilities which will not only multiply growth prospects, but will considerably change the larger slab across the conventional work dynamics in business operations.

The Intelligent Ground

“The key to artificial intelligence has always been a representation.”

While many believe business AI to be vaguely singular, in reality, it is a colossal batch of technologies precisely fused to serve modern business goals. It acts as an umbrella terms for leading edge technologies from machine-learning to analytics and automation. With AI in the lead, this tech amalgam can truly bring a higher degree of accuracy and abilities across any said business framework. Tapping into the potential of AI will soon allow business leaders to devise and derive necessary means to latch onto the market rage.

Internal Do-up

Apart from emending crucial work areas like customer experience, Business AI can incomparably upgrade employee performance across major tasks and work routines.

Employee experience acts as a very crucial success factor for multi-national firms where a huge geographically diverse workforce comes on board to accomplish workplace goals. With AI, employees can easily automate repetitive tasks, thus allowing them to focus their acquired skill set and creative notions towards value addition instead of mechanical patterns.


Tarun Taunk