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IT Voice January 2020 Edition

Cyber Crime A Concern

Internet has become one of the biggest arena to roam around, not physically but surely virtually and mentally. And with this big of an arena and so many people surfing around, there’s a good probability of having problems, some intentional which in turn are cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are criminal activity, that surely involves a computer or any kind of device in a network. Crimes are basically performed for financial gain, against any individual, big business houses or any firms. And there are some cyber crimes that are also performed for personal gain or revenge, that in turn hurts the victim, an individual. Cyber Crimes can be performed through anything now, there are also types of cybercrime like botnets, phishing, ransomware, fraud and identity theft, browser hijacking and many more. In this era cyber crime even has it own economy, which of course takes place on dark web (dark web is different from deep web). And through dark web all kinds of criminal activities, I repeat all kinds of.

Now the main question that comes is, that how do we protect ourselves We will follow the general steps or general ways to stay on the safer side of these activities.

Install Antivirus, to protect your device from viruses
Backup Your Data from time to time
Use password manager, it is an encrypted vault that stores credentials
Use a VPN, it keeps your privacy online
Download only authentic applications from their website, not from any third party site.
Try not to enter your details everywhere, if you are concerned with you personal data
There are still a lot of ways through which your data can be accessed but it is better to be on the safest side, and contributing least unknowingly to there cyber crimes.

Just as it is important to stop general crimes from happening, so as it is also very important to stop these cyber crimes from happening.

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