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IT Voice Interacts – Rohit Dev Sethi, Managing Director, ColossusTex 

IT Voice : Could you provide an overview of ColossusTex and the innovative solutions it offers in textile supply chain management?

    Sethi : ColossusTex is a forward-thinking company that aims to revolutionize the textile industry through a comprehensive range of services. We offer a diverse set of solutions to address various aspects of the textile business, including consulting, logistics, information provision, and marketing. Global presence, extensive network and a focus on maximizing the potential and profitability of textile organizations is what set us apart from other companies operating the organisation. Here’s a brief overview of our core products and services:

    • ColossusFind: ColossusFind is your go-to marketplace app. Buyers can easily post their requirements, while sellers can effortlessly publish their products for sale. It’s a platform where the entire buying and selling process is made seamless.
    • ColossusGrow:  ColossusGrow is all about nurturing innovation. Companies can showcase their innovative products, and we provide the growth they need. Our network and subscriptions are the keys to propelling your business forward.
    • ColossusDeal: ColossusDeal is your solution for dealing with non-moving stocks, idle machinery, and unutilized resources. We help you liquidate these assets, turning them into value for your business.
    • ColossusMove: ColossusMove revolutionizes the logistics landscape by providing unparalleled assistance that transcends the boundaries of traditional freight management. With a commitment to complete optimization of transit freight, ColossusMove ensures that every aspect of the shipping process is finely tuned for efficiency. The platform prioritizes the shortest transit time, leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data analytics to streamline the journey from origin to destination. Offering a seamless experience, ColossusMove integrates cutting-edge technology for real-time tracking, providing shippers and recipients with instant updates on the location and status of their cargo. What sets ColossusMove apart is its comprehensive support system, not only during transit but also at the place of origin and destination. This holistic approach ensures that clients experience a level of logistics assistance that is truly ineffable, setting a new standard for the industry.
    • ColossusMind: ColossusMind keeps you updated with industry news, global policies, and price trends. It is the source for brands to stay updated, so that they can make well-informed business decisions.
    • ColossusTech: ColossusTech offers a specialized technical assistance wherein each consignment passes through elaborate testing protocols. This covers the scope of Personal Inspection, Stills and Quality Certificate.
    • ColossusMeet:  ColossusMeet is a platform where business leaders share their professional journeys, and the community exchanges views for maximizing and streamlining business. It’s the platform to connect, learn, and grow.
    • ColossusCare: ColossusCare is a service extended to industry which focuses in getting the appropriate talent to the industry through our networking. We will contribute in finding experts for long term & Short term service or full time Jobs. We believe in contributing with right talent to our partners which brings effective culture for optimized growth of company.
    • ColossusEDGE: It is an innovative and forward-thinking financial platform that offers a range of services aimed at enhancing B2B trade and supporting the financial needs of businesses. One of its core features is the seamless onboarding of B2B partners, simplifying the process and allowing for efficient collaboration. Additionally, it empowers businesses by providing generous credit lines of up to 330 days, fostering flexibility and liquidity. This extended credit period is particularly advantageous for MSMEs and mid-sized corporations, enabling them to leverage the sanctioned CTMONEY for their raw material procurement and other necessary purchases.

    IT Voice : In what ways is technology, such as automation and digitalization, reshaping the textile production process and the overall industry landscape?

      Sethi :Technology, including automation and digitalization, is revolutionizing the textile industry. Automation streamlines manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and reducing labour costs. Robotics and AI-driven systems are replacing manual tasks like cutting and sewing, resulting in increased production speed and consistency. Digitalisation allows for the design, production, and distribution to be interconnected, reducing lead times and minimising waste. Additionally, technologies like 3D printing and digital textile printing enable customisable and sustainable production. Overall, technology is reshaping the textile industry by optimising processes, reducing environmental impact, and adapting to consumer demand for fast, personalized, and eco-friendly products.

      IT Voice : In what ways does ColossusTex leverage technology and innovation to provide efficiency and transparency in textile supply chain management?

        Sethi : Colossustex is having a unique service named ColossusMIND which is focused on providing updates on technology advancement in the field of textiles i.e process, raw material etc which contributes to optimizing the efficiency of the factories operating with lower speeds and high rejections.

        A small change or technological advancement in textiles can help boost productivity by more than 20-35%. Through colossus mind we give update of global prices and its trend analysis with national and international news to keep the viewers updated enables them to take appropriate actions about their purchase and sales decisions.

        We also give updates about the new innovative products which gives brings awareness to adapt new technology and available products.

        IT Voice : Can you discuss the impact of global supply chain challenges on the textile industry and how businesses are adapting to ensure a consistent flow of materials and products?

          Sethi : Global supply chain challenges have significantly impacted the textile industry. Issues like shipping delays, raw material shortages, and increased costs have disrupted production. Businesses are adapting by diversifying suppliers, stockpiling critical materials, and embracing digital technology for better visibility. Reshoring and near shoring are gaining traction to reduce dependence on distant suppliers. Furthermore, sustainable practices and circular economy principles are being adopted to minimize waste and increase resource efficiency. In sum, textile businesses are resiliently adjusting their strategies to secure a consistent flow of materials and products in this challenging environment.

          IT Voice : How do you see the future of textile especially with the domination of AI and ML? 

          Sethi : The future of textiles is poised for significant transformation with the increasing domination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These technologies are revolutionizing every aspect of the textile industry, from design and production to distribution and consumer engagement.

          In the realm of design, AI algorithms analyze consumer preferences, market trends, and historical data to generate innovative and personalized textile patterns. ML facilitates predictive modeling for demand forecasting, optimizing production schedules, and minimizing waste. Smart manufacturing processes, empowered by AI, enhance efficiency and quality control by monitoring and adjusting production in real-time.

          Moreover, AI is enhancing sustainability efforts in textiles. Machine Learning algorithms help identify eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices, promoting a more environmentally conscious industry. Intelligent supply chain management systems powered by AI optimize logistics, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

          In the consumer space, AI is driving advancements in smart textiles, with fabrics embedded with sensors and actuators that respond to environmental conditions or user preferences. This not only enhances comfort and functionality but also opens new avenues for wearable technology.

          The future of textiles with the domination of AI and ML promises innovation, efficiency, sustainability, and a more personalized and interconnected consumer experience. The integration of these technologies is propelling the textile industry into a new era of smart, adaptive, and eco-conscious practices.

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