IT Voice February 2019 Edition

Digital twins to bridge VR

Technological advancement in today’s world has far surpassed the absolute. Modern IT firms and business houses are greatly benefitted by present-day IT solutions, which they employ in almost every major work sector to achieve highest degree of efficiency and profit
Among the leading technological trends like AI, ML, RPA, Blockchain, and IoT, there emerged this particularly cryptic technology called Digital Twins. Although the concept of Digital Twins rests in its infancy, it will soon diffuse into mainstream IT world to actuate and streamline various hard-line jobs, which otherwise consume too many of resources and effort.
What’s with the Twins?
Fundamentally, Digital twins are virtual renders of real-world devices/machines which data scientists, performance testers and IT professional can use to virtually test product working before actually deploying the final built. It is a fast-emerging concept in the field of IoT and AI analytics and will soon help major corporates to virtually discover necessary analysis and save massive operational costs. With the use of Digital Twins, developers and IT professionals can easily optimize product performance beforehand, thus ensuring peak efficiency and practical performance.
Digital twins are essentially devised to gather functional input data from enlisted sensors and machines. The data is directly fed into the digital twin system for a comprehensive real-time simulation of the work process, thereby allowing data analysts and developers with in-depth insights related to performance and potential problems. Twins can generally be understood as functional prototypes which can provide feedback for product refinement by means of advanced digital mirroring.
The biggest benefit of using modern Digital twins is that they can squarely predict and simulcast real-time renders with variable data. Most importantly, all the rendition is carried in a cutting-edge digital environment where radical analysis is practically attainable. For modern age IoT environment, Digital Twins mean optimization and preeminence. Its practical applications are beyond edge, making digital twins not just important but inevitable.
In the coming future, with considerable advancement in the field, digital twins will be able to accurately simulate how projects have performed over time, which could help in predicting future performance and possible failure.

Tarun Taunk