Importance Of Protecting Our Data

Data protection has now become one of the biggest concern across the entire globe.The data becomes more and more important as the amount of data that is created is increased and stored. For storing this huge amount of data, cloud plays an important role.

With technology influencing every aspect of life, personal data protection has become an important concern.

There are a lot of companies in the market whose business is to collect data from different sources and sell it to other firms.Sharing the data may help you easen up the task, as whatever the device or application you share your data will remember your preferences, and will provide you with suggestions accordingly.

But well, its is not without risks. Your may share your data just for your normal day to day benefits but the same data reveals a lot about you, giving a emphasis about the personal choices, thoughts and life. And this kind of data can also be used to harm you, and specially to journalists, human activists and many more vulnerable individuals and communities.

Almost everything we do online, reveals some things about us. We provide multiple websites with our name, address, contact, card details, for buying online. We give our opinions on multiple polls on twitter, instagram, facebook, or any other website. All these platforms gets to know at least something.

And for the same very reason, the data should protected.

However, for a specific purpose of national security, many agencies have the right to access personal data, which might be a part of any kind of investigation.

Protecting privacy in the modern time is very essential for a democratic governance. Increasing awareness still couldn’t create any big change for the right to privacy and data across the world.

Coming to the point of data security, it is the practical protection of data through techinical methods and monitoring.

The pre-existing data must be protected against various threats for the integrity, availability, confidenciality of the data.

The point is not about safeguarding each and every inch or part of our data, but about protecting the vulnerable data, that could lead to any personal harm or threats, or any other unexpected circumstances.