March 3, 2021

IT platforms could open up a huge app economy: Nandan Nilekani

MUMBAI: UIDAI chairman Nandan Nilekani said IT platforms could open up a huge app economy, transforming the way healthcare and education services are delivered in the country.


“If you build platforms and open it up to innovators to build apps, we will see the trajectory of the economy change,” he said. Convergence of technology, increased cloud adoption and broadband penetration are seen to make delivery of services scalable and effective.

“We can build platforms for things like identity and payments and develop an app economy around them,” Nilekani said. He said the government was setting up a company called GSTM, a gigantic goods and services tax platform to house all data related to it.

He drew a parallel with how the US government initially used GPS for the military for precision bombing, and later put GPS in the commercial domain in 2000.