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“It is the trust level which differentiates us from competitors.”Mr. Manish Dave, Director, Apurva Computers Technologies Pvt. Ltd

IT Voice) What are the different product lines of Smartstation?

Mr. Manish Dave, Director, Apurva Computers Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Dave) We have full product range in Thin client segment with us.

Beginning from entry level Smart 2390 will help SOHO kind of segment, Smart 2510 is much powerful in its category which is suitable in almost all kind of application in industries, banking, and educational institutes can support USB desktop printers in redirected mode, very low in power consumption. These solutions are basically works on RDP Protocol.

For higher end solutions where VM Ware VDI Client & Citrix Zen Apps we have different customized solutions. Recently we have introduced Smart 2570 with AMD Fusion Processor, which is especially designed for desktop virtualization and it is very powerful for these applications, we have also Smart 9170 / 9150 / 9130 series Thin Client machines which are customized solutions available with Linux / Microsoft Embedded solutions with wireless option also. Majorly our solutions are designed with Linux Embedded Solutions, which enable our users to avail benefits of open license.

We are also working in Virtual Hard Disk concept, where it is very much useful in specifically engineering colleges & Software Development Company. Where they can use their desktops without Hard Disk and Server for VHD will work as network Hard disk and it encrypts the base disk and delivers to the user.

We have also introduces Smart e-satchel Tablets for education solution, concept for students without school bags, where we are providing complete solution with semi roughed solution on tablets, which contains teacher and student module, where teacher having full control over all students. It is upcoming technology on which we are working. We are also working on charging station for these tablets.

IT Voice) Can you please elaborate on the red hat virtualization product?

Mr. Dave) Red Hat virtualization is recently introduced and we have our Thin client are ready with spice client which enables red hat virtualization. We had also completed two projects on red had virtualization; It is quite similar to VMware VDI & Citrix Xen apps. It is available in Enterprise edition, customers will be more benefited as cost is concern compared to VMware & Citrix, have to configure precisely and as per my observation it is ready to use now. Benefit of Red hat virtualization is that user can use certified Linux flavor on virtualization, which VMware & Citrix does not describe.

IT Voice) What are the different activities lined up wrt to channel engagement programs?

Mr. Dave)   Since last 10 years we are always engaging our Techno marketing team to update our channel partners with upcoming technology and what we are delivering. We also arranging technical training to their technical persons, so they can build confidence to customer that this will work absolutely as per their requirement. We also keep participating in events where we can demonstrate or market our product. We are very happy to share that we got very prominent partners who always trust our product and having very transparent relationship which provides open platform to share competitions. Our delegates keep meeting our channel IT

IT Voice) How do you think Thinclient is doing in India? How are you different from your competitors?

Mr. Dave) As per my personal opinion, there is still a huge vacant in this technology of Thin Client. In early stage when thin clients were introduced capability of Hardware and software were limited, now a day’s more powerful hardware and protocols are available which enables thin client to work more efficiently. Analyzing last three years with data of our organization we find 25% to 30% of growth each year. So it is growing market. And reviews also say it will have prominent place in market in upcoming days.

We always try to sale solution not the product, which enables us to view customer requirement and then we provide which product is suitable to them. We found ourselves having more satisfied customers, due to authentic commitments and best services provided to them. We always find ourselves in getting upcoming technology and what customer demands, we can put our organization as a small fish but fast fish which grabs more opportunity. And we also found our customer sharing with us about their requirement and whether it can be fulfilled with thin client technology or not. Which enable us further enhance our product portfolio.

It is the trust level which differentiates us from competitors.

IT Voice) What has been your greatest achievement till date? What did you learn from it?

Mr. Dave) There are few achievements which I would like to share. Firstly, one schedule bank having more than 80 branches in Gujarat and other states, where we were in competition with MNCs like HP, DELL, HCL, VXL & IBM where they required thin client solution supporting Novell, Microsoft and Linux on server side, we were introduced later, as this solution was not through by others, and we had given solution within 15 days time span. We got the order against all competitors; we learnt from this case that if customers are satisfied by your solution and reliability then no Brand name makes significance, till date we are supplying thin clients for future expansion.

Secondly, one MNC dealing in beverages, we prefer not to share name, where they required a solution for their distributors for Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh, as being an MNC they required to inspect our environment for whether we are eligible to serve their requirement, they have visited us and checked our support level, product availability, and product quality. There was fear in back of the mind that whether we have sufficient infrastructure, whether we can fulfill their quality requirement or not. There was confidence also where we stand and faced their entire requirement, delivered as they required and we got the order, we learn from this incident that no matter what is your infrastructure, one should believe in yourself and your team, which makes you successful.

IT Voice) Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, what other likes and hobbies do you have?

Mr. Dave)  I like to have long drive with my thunderbird, listening loud music while driving car. I also play table tennis, cricket & swimming.  I love spending my time playing with my children & spending quality time with my wife. Spending good time with friends & colleagues gives me a good rejuvenation.

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