Is the PUBG fever starting a new reign of gaming in India?

When we talk about socializing the first thing that comes in our mind are the social media platforms. Till now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc were places where people connected and bonded. However, this is changing. There is a segment that is evolving every day and working around building platforms that not only helps you to entertain yourself but at the same time reach out to new people and grow your friend circle. Remember, how we find people to make a group and play games like DOTA-2 and CS: GO? Well, we still enjoy playing these games in groups but now we have broadened our horizons. 

With the evolution of technology and gaming companys’ hunger for inventing unique gaming features, the gaming community is fed with games that are historic in its own way. For instance, in 2016 the gaming industry was revolutionized by a game that was an all-time favorite cartoon show in the 200s and incorporated the real-time location of the user to enhance the gaming experience called Pokemon Go. Similarly this year yet again the gaming community was served by another unique game that lets you socialize with players from other cities and countries, technically with people you don’t even know or have met. 

All these games are a clear indication of how the gaming industry is progressing and how widely it is accepted among youngsters today. In other words, the reach of these games is directly proportionate to the ROI for the investors in this segment. And with time this industry is expected to boom beyond exception creating a whole you employment and marketing opportunities on its own. 

To further elaborate the above-mentioned point I would be glad to connect my client COBX Gaming who is one of the top brands in e-sports. COBX team would be happy to provide their insight.  

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