October 2, 2020

Is it the time to say goodbye to PCs?


We know  that it is the toughest time PC vendors, the market reports are clearly indicating the decrease in the sales by 10% per year and make the thing more serious the PC shipments are falling from continuous three and half years. It is the same times when the smartphone market is rapidly overtaking the market share of laptops and tablets also. The premium devices such as Surface pro and iPad Pro are highly preferred devices that cause the so called evaporation of many others.


If we deeply analysis the reasons for this decline in the sales of the traditional computers, the only and biggest one is that it has been replaced by the other devices that are providing the enhanced internet experience and improved content accessing. Smartphones are far better in the terms of emails, social networking and music and video experience. Thanks to fast and convenient mobile access, today one can carry the bank of text, audio and video content in the his or her pocket to anywhere and at any time.


But apart of the general customers, PCs are continuously being the main most preferred device for the employees to get their most of the data recording and handling work to be done. Though in some offices, laptops are taking their place, but still, the full-blown PC is reputed and trusted as the most effective and versatile tool for satisfying many purposes, especially when there is the need of running the multiple demanding business applications at the same time.


Now the question is, why the corporate trust and demand is not capable to bring The PC market out from the decline and disappointment? As the biggest reason is the lengthy refresh cycle adopted by the corporations. Generally it is neither practical and nor possible for large organizations to replace their whole fleet of desktop computers at once or for the two year cycle. Most of the corporations have the five years or longer system for replacing  their PCs. The replacement is further extended due to some other factors also, even the old desktops are few years older, still they are highly compatible with the newly published softwares. So while the business PCs are much capable to do their job for longer, there is no urgent requirement to replace them.  


The next most affecting factor is Windows.it was expected that Windows 7 will improve the demand and sales of the PCs, but it was failed to boost the buyer enthusiasm and company had to allow the current  version upgraded to Windows 10 for free.    

But, it is not the time to declare that the PC era ended. In the recent past we have experienced the emerge and extinction of many devices such as pagers, netbooks and ultra mobiles. But PCs are still standing in the mainstream due to  their higher functionality and reliability.  One cannot keep his long data in his smartphone and carry every time with him or heavy processing of data, content and files also require the well settled system like a desktop or laptop.

The small battery size and its limited life is the biggest limitation with the present day popular devices. Though there are unlimited games on your smartphone, still they can never beat the fun that you get with desktop gaming. In this way there are some really good reasons to invest in the new models of desktops. While the world is changing rapidly and so on the technology, will PCs continue to be the preferred part of buyers choice or will be recalled as a history, will be interesting to watch.