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Iris Computers on the Fast Track

Iris Computers continues to move on the fast track and is likely maintain its position as a dynamic organization in the IT distribution business in future.

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Its bold and aggressive marketing strategies, highly flexible approach, creativity and courage have all gone towards keeping its growth story dynamic and alive.


Starting with a modest turnover of Rs. 5 crore in 1996 it has achieved phenomenal growth over the years and it crossed Rs.1,000 crore turnover last year, making it one of the major and fastest growing players in the industry.


Iris Computers has recently signed an agreement with InflexionPoint Technologies which is investing in IT Distribution companies in Asia. Inflexion Point has identified Iris Computers in India as it expands its footprint in Asia. The dynamic Director and Chairman of Inflexion Point is former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley.


Iris Computers a strong and dynamic distributor of computer systems and peripherals, of leading OEMs like IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, HCL, Canon and APC through its network of 34 branches throughout India will now grow in its strength with financial and new product support which Inflexion Point a global-focused IT supply chain company will bring.


In Sculley’s words  “Our investment in Iris will provide us with a robu st IT Distribution platform


in the Indian market, which will be an important part of our Asian operations.


We are impressed with the Iris team’s market knowledge, execution capabilities and customer orientation. Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, Chairman of Iris, brings vast experience and relationships in IT Distribution to the group. We are happy to report that Mr. Krishen has agreed to continue leading the company.”


Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, CMD of Iris Computers is confident that InflexionPoint will further accelerate its growth and cement its position as a leading IT distributor. He said they were adding five new locations with warehousing facilities every year.


The achievements of Iris Computers were truly recognized when India’s number one and world’s second largest PC vendor Lenovo’s head in India Amar Banu said that Iris Computers has played a “key role” in its success.


Posting growth figures of 34 per cent in the year 2011-12, Iris, one of the largest domestic IT distribution companies in the country – achieved a turnover of Rs.1200 crore up from a turnover of Rs. 823 crore in the previous year.


Lenovo with a 17 percent market share in the country, an all time high, is already on the top.


Iris has also been awarded as the number one distributor in commercial business by Lenovo. “We leverage their strong capability in their distribution network. Iris gave us mindshare with channel partners,” says Amar Babu.


Iris Computers’ innovative marketing approach can been seen from the fact that it took up the Unique Identification Project (UID), supplying Lenovo hardware across numerous stations all over the country. Iris also facilitated Lenovo solutions including desktops and servers worth


Rs. 35 crore to the nationwide   APDRP – Accelerated Power Development & Reform Program.



Iris Computers is a purely professional company always puts the client first. They have been instrumental in supplying Rs 25 Cr of Notebooks to Ricoh for an Assam education order, Rs 40 Cr of IBM servers to Western Geco and has supplied Samsung displays to Chennai, Kolkatta and Mumbai Airports.


Iris Computers has also tied up with MTS Mobiles, a leading telecommunications company in India for the distribution of their CDMA Smart Phones viz – Samsung Galaxy, Alcatel and their very own MTag brand.


According to Shankar Bali, Chief Operating Officer, Delhi NCR & Haryana Circles, MTS India,


“With Iris Computers on board we will further exten d our reach to provide our customers with the latest range of smartphones packed with smart voice and data offers.”


Sanjiv Krishen, Chairman, Iris claims “The company is selling smart phones in Delhi and N CR


Circles, and we target to achieve a substantial Rs 15 crore by end of this fiscal . MTS will have the largest portfolio of CDMA Smart Phones in the country amongst all operators in India.”


Not many people know that the affordable and popular CDMA technology delivers internet at nearly half the price, but with speed and


performance as good as 3G in the GSM Network. MTS also provides seamless Live TV on their net works on Smart Phones.


Iris, will be focusing on this fact of better internet access speeds inherent in MTS CDMA networks to lure customers to MTS devices and services.


Who are the major contributors to Iris’s financial  success ?


Clearly the credit first goes to Lenovo (Consumer & Enterprise market) with business worth Rs 400 Crores making IRIS the No 1 Distributor surpassing all its competitors in the Lenovo Enterprise segment.


Second comes IBM which has got Iris nearly 11 per cent of its business. Iris Computers has this year added Samsung also into its bouquet.


It tied up with Samsung Medison for marketing ultrasound machines to hospitals and clinics and are already doing a business of Rs. 4 to Rs. 5 crores a month of Medical Equipment.


Iris believes in making an extra effort. Hunting down deals and taking an extra step to get the deal through has been developed to perfection by Team Iris.


Its   for the competitors to watch out as Iris plays for “no limits”.


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