iPhone 12 Durability Test Results

It looks like the iPhone 12 would have to go through numerous troubles to prove its value. The new experiment to happen it is a resilience test that compares the durability of the iPhone 12 coated with the latest ceramic shield against the iPhone 11. As per reports, the iPhone 12 is better made to tolerate pressure than the iPhone 11. But the dissimilarity in the amount of pressure both the iPhone can take before breaking is also worth perceiving.

The test determined the pressure which was required to break the display. The iPhone 11 which costs INR 50k went through its 1st and broke at the pressure of 352N. The iPhone 12 was markedly harder and took the pressure of 443N before caving in. The spider webbing, or the pattern of the crack on the display, was too much finer on the iPhone 12 notwithstanding it breaking at higher compression.

The video also related the 2 smartphones on their changing promise of scratch resistance. They were put via a test based on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, which is typically a scratch kit to control what ingredients can scratch a substance and then rate it consequently. It is also used by electronic producers to test other screens like LCD and OLED panels on Televisions. In smartphones, it has been used to test the durability of Corning’s Gorilla Glass which is the omnipresent protection on the screens.


Image from OnePlus


The iPhone 11 lightly scratched at point six and is much more prominent at point seven. But the latest iPhone 12 endured point six without any scratches and got dimly scratched at point seven, proving itself to be more scratch-resistant than the iPhone 11. The point eight material left deep and clearly noticeable marks on both smartphones. The video also highlighted that the aluminum sides of the iPhone 12 resisted scratches from things such as coins and keys than the glossier stainless-steel sides of the 12 Pro, but was at par with the 11. The glass panel on the back of both the smartphones scratched at point seven and the sapphire crystal coating on both the smartphone’s camera lenses scratched at point eight. In the end, the ceramic coating on the iPhone 12 makes its screen much harder and more resistant from scratch than that on the iPhone 11, but the rest of its constituents’ resists scratches only and so does the iPhone 11, and not better.

The iPhone 12 line-up starts with the 12 mini which costs INR 69,900 and goes up till the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs INR 1,29,900 for the starting 128GB model. Both the smartphones can be pre-ordered starting 6th November and it will become accessible from 13th November. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, are priced at approx. INR 80k and Rs 1,19,900, respectively, are recently up for pre-orders and it will accessible from 30th October.