iFixit Teardown Process for iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 mini has made its way via iFixit’s teardown process. The method has disclosed mostly the similar internal structure as other iPhone 12 variants with few important differences. It is known that the iPhone 12 series variants use the same internal components, but few changes needed to be made with iPhone 12 mini because of its size. iFixit has noted that the antennas were more unequal on iPhone 12 mini as compared to the other iPhone 12 models. Furthermore, the battery, Taptic Engine, and loudspeaker are smaller in size as compared to the iPhone 12.

While the teardown method was very much similar for the iPhone 12 mini as the other models, iFixit noted few dissimilarities that were made to house the smaller handset size. iPhone 12 mini arrives with a display of 5.4-inch and it measures 131.50 x 64.20 x 7.40mm. The teardown displayed that the antennas were more uneven as they can’t be fitted into the “small-bodied phone” as iFixit refers to it similarly to the bigger iPhone 12 variants. The iPhone 12 mini display opened to the left, just like iPhone 12, but is connected with 2 display cables instead of 3.


Image from Apple


The teardown further highlighted that the battery, Taptic Engine, and loudspeaker were smaller in size. Likewise, the earpiece, Face ID, and sensors in the upper assembly were emaciated down to fit the smaller iPhone 12 mini.

While iPhone 12 arrives with a similar size camera module as iPhone 12 Pro however without the LiDAR sensor, iPhone 12 mini gets rid of the plastic spacer to make room for other types of machinery. Particularly, the mini has the same 2 cameras as the iPhone 12.

Coming to the battery, iFixit has shared that the battery in the mini is 8.57Wh. The mini model is restricted to 12W when charging wirelessly as compared to 15W on the other 3 models. Although, all models charge at a similar 20W when charging with the cable.

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