February 27, 2021

iPad Pro Bugs and Glitches Apple To fix freezing after recharge for supersize tablet

Apple is working to fix problems with the iPad Pro freezing after recharge. A fair amount of customers have been complaining about the iPad Pro becoming unresponsive after long periods of charging. Many users have taken to social media, Reddit, and Apple support forums to address the issue.

One of many Reddit users who experienced freezing explains the problem: “ Happened to me this morning. I thought that maybe I didn’t plug it in all the way on the charger overnight and it ran out of juice. I plugged it back in and waited for an hour and it still didn’t come back on. As I was getting ready to head to the Apple Store to return it, I tried holding the power and home buttons as a last ditch effort and it powered back on at 100% battery. Glad to see I’m not alone in this problem.”

Apple has confirmed the problem and is developing a solution. But for now, if you are experiencing a frozen screen, reboot your iPad using the old-fashioned hard restart. Press down on the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time until the device shut off. Apple’s support team also suggests restoring the iPad back to factory settings. Apple released an official iPad Pro freezing support document , but it doesn’t say anything experienced Apple users wouldn’t know to try.

The freezing issue is not exclusive to a single model of the brand new iPad Pro, Mac Rumors reports . Users with both 32GB or 128GB, LTE or Wi-Fi only models are experiencing the same problems. It’s unclear if the issues stem from a software or hardware issue, but iPhones running iOS 9 have been experiencing similar symptoms.

Mac Rumors reported last month that some iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones were randomly shutting off even when fully charged. Users also said that when they tried to reboot the phones, the home button felt unusually warm.

There has been some speculation that using an i Cloud backup may be a root cause, however, Apple has not confirmed the source of the freezing predicaments. The iPad Pro has been out for less than two weeks. Hopefully Apple can fix the issue with a quick and harmless iOS 9 update.