February 25, 2021

Apple Presents iPhone 12 Studio

The company has presented iPhone 12 Studio, a webpage that allows users to virtually try, unlike MagSafe accessories. The webpage can be accessed through iPhones and iPads. Users can pick between iPhone 12 variants and customize them with MagSafe case and wallet color variants. Users can further save the look by naming it and returning it later to purchase it. MagSafe uses magnets which are placed within the iPhone to wirelessly charge the smartphone. Accessories such as cases and wallets can further attach to smartphones.

The iPhone 12 Studio can be availed by iPhones and iPads. On visiting the website, users can pick between iPhone 12 models. When users pick a model, brief details about the iPhone will be showcased to the users after which they can scroll down to personalize and then click on Design.


Image from Apple


Users can begin by picking the color of the iPhone and then select a color for the MagSafe case or wallet from the accessible options. The modifications will routinely reflect on the photo of the iPhone on their screen. Users can keep mixing and matching colors until they find a blend that they prefer. After this, the company has permitted the person to choose between viewing the ultimate look in a loaded view or doubled-up view, after that people can add their name and download the picture.

The iPhone 12 Studio will let its users test with color blends and give them the freedom to try on diverse MagSafe cases. This will make sure that its customer has a reasonable idea about how the latest MagSafe accessory they have booked will look with their latest iPhone 12 models. Apple Watch Studio works just like that; people will be allowed to select a model and customize it virtually.

The MagSafe charger is accessible at INR 4,500 and can be bought from the Apple Store online.