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Interview- IT Voice X Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj – Head of India and SAARC, Promate Technologies

Jahnavi – How would you justify the statement- “Promate’s commitment to innovation sets us apart.”? 

Gopal– Promate boasts a diversified product line, including smartphone accessories, IT peripherals, photography enhancements, digital gadgets, consumer electronics and more. We operate on a “first to market” philosophy, which emphasizes procedural efficiency to bring our innovative products to consumers ahead of our competitors. Our constant evolution with the newest technology, particularly the combination of several utilities into one product, ensures that our customers receive the right products at the right time, which distinguishes us from our competitors.

Jahnavi-  Since Promate’s vision is to bring innovative products to consumers ahead of its competitors, how do you aim onto achieving it?

Gopal– Finding a niche in the market or identifying a need and filling the gap is what we do. As we operate in more than 100 countries, Promate has already achieved this. We launch new products every month in any of the 20+ categories that we operate in. As a result, it is highly feasible for us to introduce new products to Indian consumers before our competitors do. To take advantage of potential opportunities, we intend to complete our certifications and other India requirements proactively.

Jahnavi- What are the long-term goals of the company? Are there any set targets by 2030? 

Gopal– Our goal or target is to have a considerable market share in as many categories as we operate. Mainly we will focus on strengthening our Charging, Audio, Smartwatches and Hubs portfolio to ensure an India presence through both offline and online platforms.

Jahnavi- Considering growth is such a vital area, how do you manage to grow and change with time as the technology is expanding rapidly and the growth and change are the only way to stay consistent? 

Gopal– Promate is in operation since 2001. We certainly adapted all various technologies in the last 20+ years, and hence we are successfully operating in 100+ countries. We work closely with top technology players, which allows us to gain knowledge and develop top-notch products positioning us as first to market brand. In addition to significant research conducted over the years, Promate also ensures high-quality manufacturing with quality control procedures and can confidently provide a 2-year international warranty. We will ensure to do the same in the future to stay consistent with the ever-updating technology and adapt the same to our products.

Jahnavi- Considering Promate Technologies is the worldwide leader in electronic & computing DMS, how do you think Promate made its way all the way to the top? 

Gopal– The long-term success of any product-focused brand is largely a result of its potent R&D and Product engineering teams. We are the global leader in electronic and computing DMS because Promate has one of the strongest product teams at its core.

Jahnavi- As you’re a company known to operate on a “first to market” philosophy, how do you manage to do so in general?

Gopal– As we operate globally, Promate closely monitors emerging trends and technological developments. That gives us the opportunity to adopt new technology, which we then incorporate into our products to ensure that they reach our customers as soon as possible.

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