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Interim Budget 2024 Reaction Quote | Mr Dinesh Kumar Poobalan, CEO & CTO, Greatify

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Poobalan, CEO & CTO, Greatify

The Interim budget 2024, presented by the Honorable Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, reflects a positive outlook. We applaud the government’s dedication to upskilling millions of youths through the Skill India Mission and establishing higher learning institutions. Women’s enrollment in higher education has increased by an astounding 28 percent over the last ten years, along with 43 percent of enrollment in STEM courses, a rate among the highest globally. These initiatives are anticipated to elevate the quality of education in India, fostering the development of a more educated workforce. This, in turn, is poised to stimulate increased research and innovation in emerging sectors by the private sector. By harnessing the combined potential of our youth and technology, these efforts aim to propel India forward.

Additionally, extending tax exemptions for startups is viewed as a positive measure expected to contribute to overall growth and increased investment.

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