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Intercept X, Sophos Webinar On Cybersecurity

Intercept X, Sophos Webinar On Cybersecurity

Intercept X, Sophos Webinar On Cybersecurity

We have been exposed to new challenges with the growing internet usage. On the contrary, India doesn’t rank impressively on the UN Global Cybersecurity Index but persistent efforts are taken by many organizations to safeguard the interests. Recently IT professionals and common users learned about the scope of cybersecurity in a Webinar organized by Sophos.

Over 4 lakh malware is detected and 375 cyber-attacks are foiled every day – Lt. Gen. (retd.) Rajesh Pant (India’s Cyber Security Chief).

The webinar was organized by Sophos India and managed by IT Voice covering the details on endpoint protection and managing cybersecurity.

Screenshot from Sophos Webinar
Screenshot from Sophos Webinar

About Sophos – Sophos is a security software company helping individual home users and organizations with network security, email security, mobile security, endpoint, and threat management. Sophos has been a market leader acknowledged by various agencies. It consistently tops the rankings in independent testing by Gartner, NSS Labs, SE Labs, MRG Effitas, Forrester, and many more.

Over 200 representatives of different IT Companies in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh attended the event and benefited from the webinar. As a representative of Sophos, Mr. Anirudh Sharma explained various topics related to cybersecurity. Here are the key topics covered:

  • Anatomy of Attacks – The essentials of identifying the threats, acknowledging the loopholes and techniques used by the hackers were covered under this heading.
  • Unmatched endpoint protection – Intercept X offers a deep learning neural network to predicatively prevent more attacks and has lower false positives than any other security software. Ransomware, knowing threats, unknown executables, exploits & file less were also described. Additionally, the ways to identify the threats and solutions by Sophos were also briefed in the webinar.
  • Easier management – Intercept X is managed through Sophos Central, a unified, cloud-native console where you can manage all your security in one place. The participants learned about the functions, tools, solutions with examples, and the scope of the Endpoint Detection Response (EDR). The importance of the Intercept X software was described with on-point presentations.
  • Apart from the aforementioned points, a detailed analysis of everything in the software, its usage, process, and significance was explained.

The significance of adding expertise instead of headcount was also an interesting topic discussed in the webinar.

 “It was a great session overall. I had a few questions before the sessions and by the time it commenced, I was clearer on the subject. We look forward to more such sessions. Thanks, Sophos and IT Voice.” – Kushagra Taunk