IT Voice July 2020 Edition

              Work From Home Security factors during this Pandemic

Security is the most important aspect during this time as everyone is using some or the other device for their work.

More the number of devices, more attention should be given in protecting the data.

Data is the most important aspect for any company’s workflow. And protecting it is as important as using and maintaining it.
The work around for this problem consists of many things including 

  • Updated software.
  • Basic security knowledge
  • Restricted access to use of certain applications and websites.
  • VPN Access
  • No use of pirated software.
  • Securing Home router
  • Usage of Antivirus

And some more measures as per the needs and working of an individual in the company.

Securing your device is just as important as putting a lock in your home.

The main reason why data is important is because it helps you analyze your working and provide you with insights on coming up with a strategic plan for future works.

The fact that whether you are an individual, small business, or a large multinational, you rely on your devices for almost everything as a part of daily usage.

And along with that cloud computing and it’s services are now becoming the new normal as everyone is using it to store their data, hosting or any computational functioning.

And if that service is poor with security, it exposes a lot of concerns for an individual or the company.

We need to understand the difference between cybersecurity and information security.

Governments around the world are also paying more and more attention to cyber crimes and security as it affects the economic and reputational costs.

Our responsibility and goal is to keep our data safe and secure as much as possible and be updated with any kind of norms associated with it.

Sooner or later it will be a very huge concern (it still is for a lot of individuals and huge companies), but understanding the fact that data security, computer security and information security is necessary.