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Intel’s Expansion in India: Executive VP Christoph Schell Designates Country as Distinct Business Region

During the Intel AI summit held in Bengaluru on March 12, Intel India made a significant announcement regarding its organizational structure. Christoph Schell, Intel’s Chief Commercial Officer, disclosed that India has been established as a separate geography for Intel, marking it as the company’s fifth distinct region for business operations. This decision delineates India from Intel’s APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) operations, signifying the nation’s strategic importance within Intel’s global framework and recognizing the abundant opportunities it offers.

Santhosh Vishwanathan, who serves as the Managing Director and Vice President of the India Region at Intel, will assume leadership of this newly designated region in the interim.

Christoph Schell, the Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Intel, expressed enthusiasm about the growth, opportunities, and momentum observed in Intel’s business in India. Designating India as a separate region reflects Intel’s recognition of the country’s potential for growth and the resulting business opportunities. By creating India as a distinct region, Intel aims to empower its team in India to operate with greater speed and agility in order to better serve its customers.

The decision to establish India as a separate region within Intel underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging the vast potential of the Indian market and strengthening its presence in the region. It signifies Intel’s confidence in the Indian market’s ability to drive business growth and innovation.

Santhosh Vishwanathan’s appointment to lead the newly designated region underscores his leadership capabilities and his deep understanding of the Indian market. Under his guidance, Intel India is poised to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the evolving technological landscape and the increasing demand for Intel’s products and solutions in India.

Intel’s decision to designate India as a separate region aligns with its broader strategy to focus on key markets and optimize its operations to better address the unique needs of each region. By establishing India as a distinct business region, Intel demonstrates its commitment to fostering closer relationships with customers and partners in the region and driving continued growth and innovation.

In summary, Intel’s announcement to designate India as a separate business region reflects its recognition of the country’s strategic importance and its commitment to leveraging the abundant opportunities offered by the Indian market. Under the leadership of Santhosh Vishwanathan, Intel India is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and drive continued growth and innovation in the region.

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