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Intelligent Data Extraction with NewgenONE OmniXtract 4.0

Newgen Software, a global provider of digital transformation platform, NewgenONE, has launched OmniXtract 4.0, an upgraded version of its intelligent document extraction software.
The latest version of OmniXtract leverages AI/ML capabilities to deliver high extraction accuracy and offers enhanced user interface. Also, it boasts an improved extraction engine and a microservices-based architecture.

“Today, the volume of documents continues to skyrocket, presenting significant hurdles for enterprises to seek crucial insights. The latest version of OmniXtract with AI/ML capabilities automates document-centric processes, enabling enterprises to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and accelerate digital initiatives,” said Mr. Varun Goswami, VP – Product Management, Newgen Software.
Key highlights of this release:

AI/ML-based Extraction: Leverage AI/ML models along with user-defined templates, allowing enterprises to achieve high extraction accuracy from day one and ensuring businesses achieve precise and reliable results

Collaborative Definition Studio: New web-based extraction studio enables users to collaboratively create template definitions. With extensive audit capabilities to track changes, organizations can optimize their extraction processes

Real-time System Monitoring: Dashboard for providing a snapshot of active definitions, active users, and remaining volume to keep track of key system metrics

Access Control: Support for roles and rights management to govern access to each software module

NewgenONE OmniXtract allows enterprises to extract data from structured and semi-structured documents from various channels and formats, including PDFs, Tiff, Word, Excel, and RTF and makes it available for further processing. Also, it supports multiple cloud-based and non-cloud-based OCR extraction engines to meet unique business requirements.

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