March 2, 2021

Intel teases silky-smooth 1080p gaming on upcoming Lenovo Android phone

It’s just a few more days until MWC 2013 kicks off, and Intel’s Francois Piednoel is so excited about his company’s next-generation mobile processors that he’s taken to YouTube to show off what they’re capable of. The phone in the video is none other than the Lenovo K900, a 5.5-inch beast that is thought to be running a dual-core Atom Z2580 processor. That’s not too exciting in-and-of itself given the limited (OK, minimal… OK non-existent) popularity of Lenovo’s smartphones in the United States, but the technology is quite impressive.


k900As you can see in the video, Intel’s chip powers through intense graphics without breaking a sweat — even on the K900′s 1080p display. Movement in Epic Games’ Citadel demo is buttery smooth, something very hard to pull off on any mobile device, let alone a smartphone. Similarly, performance in Texture Mark’s free mode is also impressive.

Piednoel’s excitement has a lot to do with how quickly Intel has closed the gap with ARM. While Intel’s first-gen mobile chips didn’t find there way into that many devices, things may be different this time around.

Then again, performance is only half the battle. There’s that little matter of efficiency, too, and that’s considered to be Intel’s real Achille’s heel. Unfortunately, Piednoel didn’t offer us any clues as to whether the K900′s endurance is on par with its sheer muscle, so we’ll have to wait for the official unveiling to see whether or not Intel is really going to go bell to bell with ARM in round two.