January 26, 2021

Intel has quietly launched four new ‘Braswell’ System-on-Chips for low-end laptops and desktops based on its 14nm process. While three chips fall under the Intel Celeron brand, the fourth one comes under the firm’s Pentium brand. The company first unveiled the Braswell architecture in April last year.

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According to CPU World, each processor will be based on two or more 64-bit “Airmont” CPU cores. Airmont is the 14nm process shrink of the company’s 22nm Silvermont microarchitecture for Atom CPUs. All four chips have integrated Gen 8-LP GPUs for graphics and are designed to be coupled with DDR3 RAM at up to 1600MHz.

The Braswell-based Intel Celeron N3000 and Celeron N3050 chips will have two cores each, along with 1MB of L2 cache. The Celeron N3000’s base frequency and burst frequency are 1.04GHz and 2.08GHz respectively. The more powerful Celeron N3050’s base and burst frequencies are 1.6GHz and 2.16GHz respectively. The former has a 4W TDP (Thermal Design Power) rating, while the latter has a 6W TDP rating.

The other two chips, namely the Celeron N3150 and Pentium N3700, feature four cores each, along with 2MB of L2 cache. Both have 6W TDP ratings. Both also feature the same base frequency as the Celeron N3050 but different burst frequencies: while the Celeron N3150 can go up to 2.08GHz, the Celeron N3700 can go up to 2.4GHz in short bursts.

As for the prices, the three Celeron branded chips cost $107 (approximately Rs. 6,700) each, while the Pentium N3700 is priced at $161 (approximately Rs. 10,000).

Intel last month at MWC 2015 announced a new roadmap for its Atom mobile processors, alongside its new branding strategy. The firm says the new Intel mobile processors will be branded Atom x3, Atom x5 and Atom x7, which is in-line with the “good-better-best” nomenclature used by the firm for its Core family of processors.