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Intel might be developing applications similar to ChatGPT

As technology companies increasingly delve into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), chipmakers are racing to develop processors capable of efficiently running language models. Intel, historically seen as lagging in this domain, appears poised to make strides by reportedly partnering with consulting firms to create applications akin to ChatGPT. These ChatGPT-like apps are intended to cater to customers lacking the expertise to develop them independently.

The Information, citing sources familiar with the matter, reported that Intel’s initiative aims to bridge the gap left by the company as the AI boom propelled competitors such as Nvidia and Broadcom. While Intel remains hopeful about seizing a share of the rapidly expanding AI chip market, it has adopted a different approach in the short term—selling specialized AI software and services.

Intel commenced the project earlier this year in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, subsequently expanding its partnerships with additional consulting firms. The company is reportedly offering its app-building software directly to corporate customers.

In a recent development, Intel unveiled the AI PC Acceleration Program, designed to support developers in integrating new AI-powered features into their applications. This program boasts participation from over 100 software vendors, including notable names like Audacity, Adobe, BlackMagic, Webex, and Zoom, contributing over 300 AI-powered features.

Looking ahead, on December 14, Intel is set to launch the Core Ultra mobile chipsets, featuring a neural processing unit (NPU). Similar to GPUs that enhance gaming tasks, NPUs are poised to accelerate AI workloads.

Intel’s ambitious plan includes shipping tens of millions of AI-enabled PCs into the market throughout 2024, marking a pivotal inflection point for driving power-efficient AI at scale. According to Intel executive vice president Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Intel stands as the sole company worldwide capable of delivering at this scale.

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